How To Handle Domestic Violence In Marriage

Domestic violence

A lot of couples have lost their life due to domestic violence in marriage and so as couples you need to learn how to avoid domestic violence in your marriage. You also need to speak out when going through domestic violence in your marriage because your life is at risk.


A lot of couples have died in their marriage because they didn’t take action rather they stayed in the marriage believing their partner is only beating them or it’s only just a fight and at the end of the day it turned out to claim their lives. If you are in a domestic violence marriage it’s time for you to take action. The earlier you act the better for you!

The bitter truth is that domestic violence is happening in so many marriages today and so many victims of domestic violence are not speaking out. The truth is no one sets out in marriage with the intent of beating or fighting their spouse rather circumstances which are not well managed by couples leads to this. Oftentimes couples tends to take their spouse for granted years down the lane and the spouse they once held in high esteem now seems so ordinary.


 Shunning domestic violence in your marriage starts with having self control, being patient, tolerant, respectful , kind, loving , caring  to your spouse,this is very important. Patience is a virtue that is extremely essential in marriage and every couple should strive to have this, as lack of patience, self control and being tolerance leads to domestic violence in marriage.

If you realize a situation is gradually getting out of hand the best thing to do is to leave the environment and come back when you are calm, also try not to react when you are angry because in the moment of anger you might react in a way that you will later regret. For instance if your spouse is repeatedly doing something that offends you rather than reacting out of anger or speaking aggressively, it’s better to address the issue when each of you are in a calm and receptive mood. 

Remember that just as you are imperfect so is your spouse, hence  both of you are bound to step on each other toes, this is normal but the way you react it’s what makes all the difference. Remember You took a vow to love and cherish each other so it is wrong for you to lay your hands on your spouse as this does not in any way show that you either cherish, love and care for your spouse. Your vow is a bond between you,your spouse and the creator and when you are not committed to your vow you not only err against your spouse but also against the creator.

Putting the interest of your spouse first and being kind to your spouse will help you avoid domestic violence in your marriage. Speak kindly to your spouse. Sometimes speaking harshly and rudely to your spouse can cause your spouse to react by being violent ( even though being violence in marriage is inexcusable) so always speak respectfully and calmly to your spouse and try as much as possible to avoid situations and circumstances that can lead to violence.

Domestic violence goes beyond being physical. Being emotionally violated is also domestic violence. When you humiliate,intimidate and hurt your spouse through your words that is also domestic violence, hence you should be mindful of what you say and how you say it to your spouse. Let the words you speak to your spouse be soothing, up building and loving.

Each time domestic violence is mentioned what quickly comes to mind is that it is against women. Yes, most times it’s against women but there are men too who goes through domestic violence. For instance I read online about a woman who killed her husband when they were fighting.

According to neighbors they fight daily and when this happens the woman grabs any object reachable and hits her husband, in fact the family of the man have told him severally to leave the marriage but he refused. On the said day the quarrel started again as usually and the woman pushed him, only for him to hit his head on the wall and he died instantly. So this goes to show that domestic violence is practiced against men too. Domestic violence is not gender neutral, hence both men and women are victims of domestic violence in marriage.

Realizing that a lot of people have lost their life through domestic violence you should be more determined than ever to avoid it completely in your marriage. That fight you call little, that beating you ignore and just complain about without taking action can either claim your live or your spouse live hence domestic violence can’t be treated with kids glove, it is a very serious matter! Avoid situations that might lead to fighting your spouse and if you are the culprit that beats your spouse or fights your spouse stop it now before it’s too late. Remember that your life, that of your spouse and your children it’s at stake. If you have a bad temper then go for anger management rather than allowing your anger make you act irresponsibly.

The truth is if you take the life of your spouse, you will lose your life or get jailed so what becomes of your children, is that what you really want for your family? Why not control your anger rather than destroying yourself and your family. Those who have taken their spouse life through domestic violence never knew it will lead to that so don’t think it’s just a fight I wont kill my spouse or my spouse won’t kill me, all it takes it only a second for it to happen, hence the best thing is to avoid domestic violence completely in your marriage. It’s only a weak person that either beat or fight their spouse as it takes strength to restrain in the moment of anger.

Finally if you are a victim of domestic violence take action now! Seek for professional help as your life is at risk! A lot of people have lost their life simply because they kept quiet and did nothing about it. There are a lot of organizations and agencies out there willing and eager to help. Check in the location where you live there is plenty of help out there for you.

Don’t keep quiet take action now! remember that by doing this you are not only saving your self but you are also saving your spouse because if you don’t report so that your spouse can be called to order , if your spouse ends up taking your life your spouse life too will be on the line and if the law decides your spouse should die or be jailed what then happens to your child/children? so it’s better you report now and save both yourself and your household.

Encourage your spouse to go for anger management if your spouse has an uncontrollable anger, moreover both of you can also see a marriage counselor, if you are constantly at each other’s throat. remember that many has lost their live and more will still loose their life. Don’t wait till your life is taken, take action now and act fast!


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