How To Avoid Infidelity In Your Marriage

How to prevent infidelity in your relationship

Infidelity is an epidemic that is bent on destroying the marriage institution. A lot of marriages are hitting the rock because of infidelity in marriage. It saddens my heart when I see couples who have put in so much effort to have a beautiful marriage go their different ways due to infidelity in their marriage. The truth is that infidelity  is avoidable in marriage regardless of how long your marriage has been.


I have heard people say it’s impossible to stay faithful in marriage especially  as a man because men are polygamous in nature. This are deceitful beliefs that the devil use in obscuring people’s mind and destroying the marriage institution. Let me make it clear that neither polygamy or polyandry is acceptable in marriage. When the creator created the first man he gave him just one wife and if truly he created men to be polygamous in nature he would have know that one woman would definitely not be enough for him and he would have given him more than one. This of course won’t have been a difficult thing for the creator to do but rather he gave him only one wife because he knows that is all he needs “just one” .

Haven known now that fidelity in marriage is possible, the question now is how do you avoid infidelity in your marriage. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure and this is very true as it is better to avoid infidelity in your marriage rather than battling with the aftermath of infidelity in your marriage. The first step in avoiding infidelity in your marriage is being open,honest and sincere to each other. Say it as it is but politely. Carry your partner along in everything you do especially if it involves the opposite sex. For instance if you are sending a text or email to someone of the opposite sex which isn’t official it is always better to copy your spouse.


Avoid situations where you will be all alone with someone of the opposite sex. If someone of the opposite sex invites you out ensure you  go with your spouse. Also Ensure your spouse has access to your phone, email, and social media platforms. Do not hide any of this from your spouse. Sometimes doing all this may look weird and odd to people but regardless of what others think or feel it’s worth doing to safeguard your marriage or isn’t your marriage worth protecting?

Another way of avoiding the temptation of infidelity in marriage is being extremely cautious when around the opposite sex, avoid flirting or sending the wrong message to the opposite sex. Avoid riding along with someone of the opposite sex alone especially if that person has shown interest in you. Make it a principle to avoid giving a ride to someone of the opposite sex especially if your spouse would not be there with you.

Your association also matters, who do you spend your time with?are they friends who are unfaithful to their spouse and does not have high moral standard? The truth is  it will only take a matter of time before they influence and corrupt your moral standards. Hence you have no business associating with people who does not have same value as you do.

What are you filling your heart with? I mean what are you watching and reading? You can’t be reading pornography materials or listening to illicit music or watching  immoral movies and hope your value will still be intact. Your mind is just like a computer is what you fill it in with that it gives back to you, so if you fill your mind with garbage, it will give you garbage. You need to listen,watch and read things that will help you uphold your values.

Most importantly If your sexual needs are not being met communicate this to your spouse, there is no reason for you to seek for sexual satisfaction outside your marriage. Communicate this calmly, respectfully and politely. As couples spice up your marriage and ignite the love in your marriage. Avoid your marriage becoming boring,go for a date, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a walk in the evening,express your love for each other, smooch and cuddle each other. Wrap your arms around your spouse, leave little notes expressing your love or send a text message. Spend quality time together,be there when needed and always respect each other.

Finally never deprive your spouse of sexual needs except by mutual agreement. Remember that you have no authority over your body and as such you can not deprive your spouse of it nor even share that body with someone else. Depriving your spouse of sexual need can make your spouse fall into temptation even though infidelity in marriage is inexcusable .

Another thing you must not ignore is showing affection to your spouse, caring for the needs of your spouse. Be kind and avoid a domineering attitude. Sometimes your spouse might need a little space don’t be overbearing. Remember infidelity is like a scar on the skin even when it heals the scar will always be there. If you ever break the trust of your spouse you might never regain it back and if you do it might take years. Your spouse love and cherish you and would you want to hurt your spouse just for some minutes of pleasure? Think about that!

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