Save $100 Off Your Purchase Of Google Pixel 2 At Bestbuy


You can save up to $100 when you purchase Google pixel 2 with qualified activation at Bestbuy,this is an offer you shouldn’t miss! Jumping in on this offer is like eating your cake and having it. Imagining saving so much and yet you have the phone making the buzz right now! Isn’t that great?



Another reason not to miss out on this offer is that google pixel 2 is a phone with a difference, it is unique and has great features. The camera is none like you have seen before! With its smart camera be sure of having a beautiful capture of your moments.

Did I also mention that it doesn’t might if the place is bright or dark be rest assured your picture will come out beautiful, bright and clear.Apart from the stunning photos you take with the smart camera, you also have AR stickers to give your picture the looks you want.

Google pixel 2 phone

This is the feature I love most, if you have ever have to deal with deleting pictures because of space then you will understand why I love this feature. Google pixel 2 comes with unlimited storage in google photos, which means all your pictures are saved to google photos and they are organized in such a way that it is easy for you to find it.

Google pixel 2 also has built-in assistant, honestly who doesn’t like to get help to make life easier.The built in google assistant makes using your phone very easy. Just ask google assistant what you want and it gets it done. Isn’t that convenience at its best!

With just 15 minutes of charging you can get 7 hours battery life, say what? That’s true! It has a long-lasting battery and it charges faster too! Google pixel 2 also has a glass unibody that makes it water-resistant. Say goodbye to the days of being afraid of your phone being damaged by water.

Enjoy all these great features and more along with a $100 savings when you purchase Google pixel 2 with qualification activation at Bestbuy.

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