Purchase Samsung Galaxy Note8 At Bestbuy And Save $150


Save a whooping $150 plus extras when you purchase Samsung Galaxy Note8 at Bestbuy with qualified activation. With this purchase you get a free 128GB memory card, a wireless charger or Gear 360. Can you beat that? Surely this is a mouth-watering offer that you can’t afford to miss! Just imagine getting all these along with your purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note8. Still wondering if you should make the move and purchase Samsung Galaxy Note8 and enjoy this offer? Then let me break it down for you, so you can see how Samsung Galaxy Note8 stands out from other phones and why you should go for it.


If you like taking clear pictures, I mean very clear with less blur that makes you feel like a pro then look no further than Samsung Galaxy Note8, with its Dual Camera and Optical image stabilization, you’ve got the control you ever need! Infact it doesn’t matter whether you are shooting in the dark or from a distance, you will get a very clear picture.

It also has a built-in S pen which is very powerful as you can use it to take note without unlocking your phone. The pen feels like a real pen which makes it easy for you to handwrite your messages and make GIFs. Can you imagine having total control over everything on your phone? This is exactly what the S pen does for you.


Samsung Galaxy Note8 at Bestbuy

If there is one thing  I hate most when using my phone,  it is  running out of space when I want to video an important moment or take picture of a memorable moment, I really hate seeing the message no more space, have you experienced this before? I bet it can really be annoying! Guess what? Samsung Galaxy Note8 got you covered! You will never run out of space for videos, photos or even your files as it has 4x storage space. It has 256GB microSD card2 . What more can you ask for!

Finally, it is dust and water-resistant, which means you can say goodbye to all your worries as you can use it anywhere without fear of it getting spoilt by water or dust.  Remember you can also get complete protection from Geek Squad for theft, loss, accidents along with your purchase for $10.99 per month or $239.99 for 2 years. Make the move Now! Buy, Save and enjoy all the offers that come with the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note8 at Bestbuy.

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  1. I thought I was the only one in love with this phone. Wish I don’t have already so I can enjoy this offer but I will let my friend know, he’s planning on buying

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