5 Foods That Can Make You Age Faster

What you eat affects your body and that is why if you see people who take more of fruits or cut down on the foods listed below it reflects on their body. Try to add fruits to your diet as it helps keeps your skin glowing and makes you healthy. Most time the foods that makes you age fast is the food you desire more but as you grow older you need to cut down on these foods otherwise your body will pay for it!


5 Foods You Should Avoid

1. Salty Foods: Try to cut down on salty foods as they make your body retain water which could cause blood pressure and you of course knows what blood pressure can do to your body. This doesn’t mean you should completely avoid foods with salt but eat it moderately.


2. Spicy Foods: spicy foods can really be delicious to eat no doubt! But care must be taken not to take too much of it as it can cause blotches on your skin or even get worse if you have telangiectasias or varicose veins.

Blotches on skin
Varicose Veins

3.Sugary Foods: sugary foods are high in carbs and can make you age faster and affects your skin as if destroys the cells that tightens the skin. Sugary foods can also make you to add weight and affect your Weightloss goals.

4. Canned or processed Foods: By all means try to avoid this kind of foods as a lot of chemicals and preservatives has been added to this foods which will tell later on your skin, instead eat more of fresh foods especially organic foods.

5. Alcohol: Alcohol manufacturers always say in the advert ” drink responsibly” , avoid it if possible but if you must drink don’t over do it as cortisol a stress hormone is produced by alcohol which affects the skin. Alcohol can also affect your kidney when consumed too much and no one prays to suffer from kidney problem or kidney failure, hence take it moderately.

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