Why You Need Vision To Forge Ahead


In every organization today there is a mission and a vision statement, it is the vision of the organization that determines its mission. Without a vision an organization would not be able to take key decisions, be successful or even last long. The vision of any organization is its long-term goal and this help them keep focused despite any challenge or distraction they may face. What is your vision? Do you have any or do you just live each day as it comes?

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For you to forge ahead in live you need vision, what is your goal for yourself in the future, it is only when you set these goals that you will be determined to pursue it and make it a reality. Are you working for an organization? what is your vision for yourself in that organization? Where do you see yourself in that organization in years to come? Still on the same desk or somewhere higher?. If you have a vision to move higher than where you are presently in the organization , your actions now will show it but if you have no vision whatsoever, you won’t start making moves or working towards that, hence you can see the importance of vision.

You may be complaining that your business is stagnant while others in these same business are progressing and making money, have you ever thought why? It’s simple, it’s because they had vision. They knew where they wanted to be today years back and they started working towards it and today they are reaping the fruit of their vision. Without having a long-term goal for either yourself or your business it’s difficult to forge ahead, you might be making little success here and there now but in the long run it would be obvious you had no vision.

Some organizations you knew as a child has seized to exist when you became an adult ,do you know why? because they had no long-term goal and as a result there would be poor planning and any little obstacle would make the business fold up. Look at organizations like #Coca-Cola see how far they have come, they were able to come this far because they had vision right from when the founder started it and after several decades they are still here. Ask yourself what is your vision, if you don’t have any, make one right now and start working towards achieving it, so that in the future you will be happy you had a vision.

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