Do This Everyday To Be Successful


Success does not come by chance, neither is it an inheritance. To be successful you need to work for it. If you become successful by chance without working for it chances are that it would not last long. Every day it’s becoming more difficult to be successful and there are many obstacles waiting for you on the path of success but the power to walk past those obstacles and become successful lies in your hand. For you to be successful you need to start each day with determination, let the determination to be successful burn in you like fire. Be ready to face any obstacle without quitting. Tell yourself you would not stop except you achieve your purpose.


To be Successful you need courage, courage to get up when you fail and continue on your success journey. You need courage to pursue your dream and not let fear to hold you down. When you have taken a decision that didn’t go the way you planned, you need courage to forge ahead and not be depressed. It’s very easy to give up in the face of challenges but it is only a courageous person that looks past it , learn from it and move on.

Thirdly you need to be persistent to break through. Have you heard the saying ” a river cut through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence” This saying shows the power of being persistent. When you are persistent no matter how though and rough the road to success may be you will remain focused and determined to get to the end. Being persistent can make what seems impossible possible, just because you believed in yourself and believe you can do it , that will motivate you to get what you set out to achieve. Always remember that you need Determination, Courage and Persistence as you walk the path of success.

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