Why You Should Make The Best Of The Opportunity You Have

Time they say waits for no one , the opportunity you have today may never I mean NEVER come your way again. There is a saying opportunity comes but once, if you are opportune in life to have a second chance then lucky you! Never waste an opportunity when it present itself as that opportunity might never come your way again in your lifetime.


For you to be successful make the best of an opportunity. You need to get yourself prepared so that once an opportunity present itself you grab it without wasting anytime. You also need to know when an opportunity is staring at you, sometimes an opportunity may be right there in your face but you just can’t see it. I will give you an example, two friends were looking for a job, they both went to an organization to submit their CV, at the organization the staff attending to them was lamenting to another colleague how the tailor sewing the staff’s T-shirt has disappointed them and will not be able to deliver as at when due , the staff kept lamenting and said If only she knew a tailor who could help out. The two friends who came to submit their CV could both sew but while one was eager about dropping his CV the other saw an opportunity and immediately told the staff that he knows how to sew and he can help out if they allow him, they gave him a try and today the rest its history. Today he is doing extremely fine and sew the organization’s T-shirt while the other friend is still searching for job. Talk about seeing an opportunity when it present itself!

You must learn to know an opportunity when you see one and grab it quickly without wasting time and make the best of it. Never waste any opportunity as many are out there looking for that opportunity and would even give an eye to have it. Remember that there is a probability that this opportunity might never come your way again, so make the best of it.

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