Why You Need Persistence To Suceed In Life

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Many have walked the pathway of success but couldn’t get to the end before they quit, why? because they weren’t persistent. Success isn’t for everyone, success is for only those who can walk through life obstacles and difficulty without quitting. No matter how difficult the situation may be, with a persistent attitude you will surely overcome it.


Success isn’t a smooth journey, how we all wish it was! But the honest reality is that there are several challenges waiting for you on the path to success, some might seem insurmountable and might even break you down but if you are persistent and are willing to achieve your purpose you will succeed.

You could have a beautiful idea and you just thought everyone will buy into it but when you tell your idea to the people you thought would push it up you are met with rejection and are given one thousand and one reason why your idea would fail, do you give up in the face of such rejection? Definitely no! You need to push on , fight for your success and let the wish to succeed burn in you like fire, that is the attitude you need to succeed. When you are persistent even if you fall a hundred times while trying to be successful, you will get up, dust yourself and move on as if nothing happened.


Those who are successful today are those with a persistent spirit, the more they are challenged the more they put in their best and refuse to give up,this is because they believe they will succeed if only they are persistent. The power of being persistent can not be underestimated, just make up your mind that regardless of the difficulty you face that you will never give up until you succeed.

Those who are not persistent give up easily within a blink of an eye when faced with difficulty. If they keep trying without getting any result they quit. I want you to know that your efforts might take time to yield a positive result so never give up, be a fighter, be ready to weather the storm and be persistent only then can you Succeed.

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