How To Handle Betrayal From Someone You Trust


When someone you ain’t close to betrays you it’s quite easy to forget about it but it becomes more difficult to let go when a loved one betrays you. Betrayal from a family member especially someone you trust can rip your heart apart and sometimes it might be difficult to maintain the previous relationship you had before.


I have had my fair share of it so I know how it feels. It took me quite some time to get out of it and show forgiveness and move on. Trust takes time to build and when such trust is betrayed it might never be rebuilt.

The truth is no matter how hard it may be,it is in your best interest to let go and forgive your loved one who has betrayed you. Life is too short to keep grudges,so you must try to make each moment with your loved ones memorable. As difficult as it may be, try to let go and give the person a second chance.


How would you feel if you were keeping malice with a loved one and then he or she passed away,am sure you will be filled with regret. Forgive the erring loved one but perhaps be more cautious when dealing with that person since that person isn’t trust worthy.

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5 Replies to “How To Handle Betrayal From Someone You Trust

  1. Oh my! My best friend betrayed me so much that I couldn’t forgive her. She got pregnant for my husband and snatched him away from me.

  2. I have always told my siblings that trust is the mobility for disappointment, this days is difficult to come by someone trust worthy.

  3. I have dated my man for 6 years, he even introduced me to his parents as his wife to be, then one day after I spent two weeks at his place, when I left the following day I got an invitation he was getting married I couldn’t believe it as I just finished speaking to his parents a day before then. It was later I discovered that the people he introduced me to were not his parents. So he just deceived and wasted my time for 6years. I don’t think I can ever forgive him, that was just too cruel and callous of him. And rejected other suitors all because of him and he was aware of all this . I would never trust any body again.

  4. I have stopped trusting people a long time ago since I was a kid after I watched how my mother’s best friend got her kicked out from her matrimonial home. The worst of it is that it People very close to someone that betrays them. I am always on the alert if someone starts getting close to me.

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