How A Woman Can Save A Marriage


I had earlier on written an appeal to men in my previous post which you can read here, asking them to stop their infidelity as it is breaking their homes and causing their wife emotional trauma but the truth is women also has a role to play in this. Marriage involves two people and as such it takes two to tangle. Today I would explain how women are also part of the issue, everyday it breaks my heart when I see two people who once loved each other and can sacrifice their life for each other call it quit. It’s time we start identifying what the problems are and  maybe just maybe some marriages would be saved.

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99% of married men are unfaithful and the remaining 1% that is faithful is so difficult to come by. A lot of women keep enduring the unfaithfulness of their husband, they cry and become so bitter but finally resign to fate, they endure their marriage instead of enjoying it. My dear women, women is the problem. First who is the person keeping your husband from you and having all the love that is meant for you? A woman of course! Isn’t it? Whether single or married, women it is time you be your sister’s keeper. Stop dating a married man,you are not just dating a man but bringing curse upon yourself. When the wife at home hands you over to God then when you too get married nemesis will catch up with you and the circle continues.

secondly,today mothers  concentrate so much on teaching the girl child about family life while ignoring the boy child and this has brought about immature men, half-baked men, men who can’t lead their home properly, men who sleep with everything in skirt and cause their wife pain and heartache. Women avoid causing problem for your fellow women by training your son as much as you train your daughter. Start teaching your son from infancy how to care and respect a lady, teach your son what makes a good husband and what every woman wants from her man. You are a woman and you definitely know what a wife wants from her husband,so you are in the best position to teach your child this. When you do not teach your son because of the myth that the success of a marriage is in a woman’s hand then you are contributing to the plight of women.

Most men have turned out the way they are because they lacked the necessary home training required and also their father wasn’t a good role model for them. Mothers please train your son so we can stop the new trend of infidelity and broken marriage. Women be your sister’s keeper, tell every married man who wants to date you to go back home and give all the love, affection and material things he wants to shower on you to his wife and when it is your turn as a married woman too another sister would do the same for you and gradually we would start winning this battle but if you go ahead to date a married man just know you have betrayed your sister’s trust and you will surely pay for it.

Women arise today and say enough is enough! Women arise and join hands together to fight the monster infidelity! Women arise today and be your sister’s keeper! Women arise today and train your sons to be the best husband. Only then will women start enjoying their marriage and take their rightful place in their home.


6 Replies to “How A Woman Can Save A Marriage

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  2. Women are truly the problem, like in my house my mom concentrate so much on we the girls but the boys have so much freedom

  3. The problem today is that we women do not look out for each other, this days it is even the most trusted people that snatch one’s husband

  4. My husband has made me to develop a tick sikn, he dates ladies without feeling any remorse, this days he even date ladies in my neighborhood, before I use to cry and have high blood pressure but now it doesn’t affect me one bit as I concentrate on my children

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