Should A Wife Cook For Her Husband


Marriage is a union of two people who love each other and are willing to make sacrifice for each other. A successful marriage is a union where each party recognizes his or her role and performs it efficiently with love. It takes two to tangle and as such for marriage to work out there is need for love tolerance and understanding from each person. A wife was given to the man by the creator as a helper, the woman is there to help out the man in every necessary way that will make the marriage a success and the man is to love her whole heartedly and also provide for her.


In today’s world the role of husband and wife is very unclear as each one seems not to understand their role in marriage. Today many men share the financial burden of the family with their wife and sometimes the woman even takes the bulk of the share, of course there is nothing wrong with this as she was created to be a helper for the man but when it comes to domestic work in the home Can same Be said of the man? Without no doubt the wife should cook for her husband and children but does that mean you can’t  help her out from time to time ? of course not! Remember she is your helper not your slave. I have seen men who come back home from work before their wife and yet wait for the wife to come back from work and cook for them, this is totally wrong. This is the reason mothers must teach their son how to cook, if she helps you out financially and in other ways too, you should also help out with domestic chores it doesn’t make you less a man. Love is all about caring for each other and knowing what works for your marriage.


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4 Replies to “Should A Wife Cook For Her Husband

  1. I think the content of debate shouldn’t be if a wife should cook for the husband as the answer is obvious, it should be Should a husband cook for the wife. For example I share the finance of the house equally with my husband and I work just like him, so he can’t obviously expect me to jump into the kitchen when I am back from work or whenever I am tired. This hasn’t been an issue in my home, it’s a matter of understanding.

  2. Come to think if it would heavens fall if a man cook for his wife, honestly I hate it when the woman is always at the receiving end. You contribute finacially but they can’t help out in the kitchen, I think it’s not fair.

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