Why You Need To Constantly Assure Your Child Of Your Love

We all want to be loved and knowing that someone sincerely loves you, cherish and care for you brings an inestimable happiness to your heart. Being loved is part of human nature and each and every one of us yearn for it from time to time. When you have a precious gift such as gold you definitely will treasure it and care for it and surely you won’t keep it or treat it anyhow. What is the most precious gift you have as a parent? Is it jewelry, shoe, expensive clothes? of course not! Every parents most precious gift its their child, your child is the most precious gift the creator has given to you. How do you treat your precious gift?

Your Child deserve your love, it is your duty and obligation to love, cherish and care for your child, no one else is meant to do that for you, it is your God’s given responsibility. Unfortunately some parents think loving their child means buying their child  expensive gifts or lavishing money on their  child. There is nothing wrong in buying gifts for your child or lavishing money on your child but you must know that these are two different things as spending money on child does not necessarily mean showing love to your child.

Spend quality time with your child, get to know your child, your child’s friends and know what is going on in your child’s life. Constantly remind and reassure your child of your love for him or her, children are very sensitive and sometimes might misunderstand your actions as lack of love for them, hence you need to constantly let your child know that you love him or her and that you will be there for him or her regardless of anything. Some children has been led astray by peer pressure because they doubt their parents love for them and instead believes their friends are the ones that really loves them.

Use the word “I love you” more often with your child and that will constantly remind him or her that you care and really wants to be part of his or her life but also remember that uttering these words alone is not enough if not backed up by action. Your child will definitely know if you mean those words through your actions or if they are merely lip service. You owe your child your love, never deprive your child of it no matter what.  The emotions you shower on your child today will determine who your child will be tomorrow. If you constantly show your child love and also say it to him or her more often your child will grow to be a kind and loving person but if reverse is the case your child will find it difficult to care  and love anyone.


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