This Is How Fear Hinders Your Success


Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Fear could also be defined as being afraid of something or someone. What is holding you down from making progress in life? Sometimes you blame everything else for your lack of success but not fear while unknown to you fear might be the number one reason why you are still where you are in life today. Most times a lot of people are afraid of taking risk and moving to the next level because of fear, fear of what? Fear of the unknown, they do not know the consequences of the action they are about to take and as a result they become afraid and decide not to act at all to avoid negative result.

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Dear friend, if you must make a head Way in life and be successful the first thing you must do is to fight that fear within you and conquer it otherwise it would be hard to make or take life changing decisions. A lot of people are doing the job they don’t like, a job that brings them no happiness nor give them time for themselves nor their loved ones but are such people ready to quit the job despite complaining and being frustrated with the job? of course not! Why? Because of Fear of the unknown, they tell themselves what if I am unable to get a better job or what if I can’t make it running my own business. Fear is only there to stop you from making progress in life, just imagine if Mack Zuckerberg was Fearful there wouldn’t have been #Facebook today, even when the people he initially presented the business idea to didn’t believe in it , he did not allow the fear of rejection to consume him, neither was he ready to give up his dream instead he was ready to conquer fear and indeed he did and the remaining its history.

Once you can overcome fear and be ready to face any obstacle that stand in your way in your journey to success only then would you be able to forge ahead in life. Instead of being afraid of the challenges that may come your way as you struggle to be successful, see those challenges as a stepping stone to your success, learn from those challenges and look for a positive aspect of the challenge you are facing, once you are able to do this then you will be able to conquer Fear and take life changing decisions that will lead to your success.

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