This Is Why You Must Not Quit When You Face Challenge


Many has walk the pathway of success and have given up! Some are still struggling on the path, while some are making up their mind on giving up, where do you find yourself in these? Truly becoming successful is no child’s play and it takes a lot of effort, courage, persistence, consistence and focus to become successful. Are you tired of struggling to be successful? Are you tired of facing challenges? Have you decided to accept what fate has thrown to you without fighting back?

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Sometimes it might seem you aint making any headway and then frustration sets in but the only thing that can motivate not to give up is always remembering the reason why you started. Take for instance if you are trying to lose weight and after the first month despite all your effort you didn’t lose anything, if you get frustrated and stop then even the initial effort you put in would have wasted but if think of the body shape you want to get this will make you not to give up despite haven’t achieved anything yet.

Whenever you are on the pathway of success and you feel like giving up remember why you started and also remember that the challenges you face are only there to make you a better person, the challenges you face should make you more determined to achieve your aim. Never give up when the going is though, remember there is a reason why you started and don’t stop till you reach your goal. It is only those who starts and gets to the end of a race that are rewarded but those who stop in the middle of the race are never recognized. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power to achieve anything once you put your mind to it after all people have walked that same path and were successful, do they have two heads? of course not! If others can do it, you can do it too! Your success lies in your hand.


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