Reason Parents Must Avoid The Use Of Abusive Words

As a parent you are a role model to your child,your child will likely grow up to take after you,hence this call for caution on your part in regards to your attitude. Your child is watching you and will probably decide on what is good or bad based on your actions. You cant just carry on with your life as if your actions and decisions does not matter. Your way of life does matter !

How do you treat people around you,perhaps your domestic help,your driver or even your family members,do you treat them with respect or do you use every moment to speak ill of them or do you constantly hurl abuse on them. Are you the kind of parents that your child already knows your most used abusive speech to the extent that they even mimick you.

Its very shameful if you as a parent use abusive words and yet teach your child not to do the same,how would your child ever take you serious,you need to practice what you teach. Your child will take your teaching seriously only when he or she sees that you are also abiding by your teaching.

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