Natural Birth Versus CS Which Is Better


This is a topic I have to argue with my friends so many times. In Africa it is seen as abnormal or taboo to give birth through a Caesarean section,how sad and ignorant! During the traditional ceremony  part of the prayer being offered is that the bride will never give birth through CS,how misleading. Many female has been made to realize right from early age that the only acceptable way of childbirth is through the Natural way which has made many loose their life because even when the doctor tells them that the way out is CS they still insist in Natural birth and die in the process.

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There is nothing wrong in wanting to have your child the Natural way just as there is nothing also wrong if you opt for CS,it’s time everyone is enlighten to know that there is nothing wrong with CS ,having a CS doesn’t make you less a woman. The truth is that in this age and time technology has made life easy,who wants to travel by foot,who wants to cook with charcoal and firewood, who wants to live in hut and mud house? Technology has brought about convenience and if you are already using those technology so what’s the big deal with CS? What exactly is the superstition belief about CS .

The truth is that with today’s technology it is much more safer to have your baby through CS than natural birth if you can afford it. You need not loose your life especially if the only option you have of giving birth is CS,there is nothing to be ashamed of. Infact it is so bad that even some women are ashamed to tell their friends and family member that they had CS  as they are afraid of loosing their self respect, my dear that is total nonsense!

There is nothing wrong with having a CS , don’t allow others to decide for you how you want to bring your child into the world. The choice you make is solely your decision and perhaps your husband,no other person should come and preach to you about what is and what is not. It is your life that is in question here and only you ,I mean only you might loose your life depending on your decision so why are you thinking of what your friends,family members or inlaw would say. I want you to know that anyone preaching against CS is probably living in the 20’s.

People would also tell you that a woman that has CS can’t have a flat tummy or can’t have more than one child via CS, that isn’t true,Infact you can have up to three kids with CS and you can have a year gap in between , meanwhile you can still have a flat tummy despite having CS as it depends on your food intake and exercise. So when next someone tells you never to have a CS or prays that you would not give birth through CS, just ignore such ignorant talk and be wise.

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