Reasons You Should Involve Your Child In Household Chores

Have you ever complained that your spouse does not help you out in household chores? Have you ever thought of why your spouse dosent really want to assist you with household chores ? It is simply because he is not used to doing chores. Yeah! It’s as simple as that. Now take a look at your child or children what kind of adult are you nurturing them to be? Is it an adult that wait on other people to get things done for him or her?

With the increase in employment of househelp in household’s today ,it’s difficult seeing kids helping out in household chores as everything is done by the househelp. More disturbing is the fact that this little kids order the househelp around. They become so lazy to even lay their bed,can you imagine that!

Personally for more than 2years I have not employed an househelp and this has given  me the opportunity to involve my boys in the household chores. My 10 years old son can prepare some meals. Sometimes when  I am so tired,he helps me prepare meal for his siblings. I want to bring up adults that will be responsible enough to assist their spouse in household chores.

Involving your child in household chores helps your child learn the importance of handling responsibility early in life,it also provides relief for you especially if you don’t have a houshelp as they help you out with some chores .  You will need to make a schedule of the household chores stating the chores for each child and at which time it has to be done. In giving chores be sure to give appropriate age chore to your child and do not over do it by exhausting your child with so much chores.

Even when you have a househelp limit the chores the househelp does by involving your child and giving your child simple chores such as cleaning his or her room, laying the bed, putting away his or her toys after play and washing the dishes. In the long run you will be glad you did .

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