At What Age Should Your Child Learn How To Cook

Food is essential for living and a well prepared food is undeniable appealing to everyone. Hunger they say is no man’s friend but worst still is a food not well prepared. Most people like good food but shy away from preparing meal because they are not used to cooking, how sad!


No one wants a wife who can not cook or always depends on buying food for the house at the expense of the household budget and no one also wants a husband who can not prepare the simplest of meal when the wife is either tired or coming late from work. What category does Your Child fall into, are you bringing up an adult that can cook or are you nurturing a child that will not be able to prepare the simplest of meal as an adult?

There is no specific time to start teaching your child how to cook, but it is always better to start early, don’t wait till your child becomes an adult.

personally I wasn’t taught how to cook as a child, even as an adult. My mum will always say she has no food to waste,can you imagine that! So how does she want me to learn. When I got admission into university I started my trial and error and once in a while when I visit my aunts I am always very uncomfortable when they want me to prepare meal, all because my mum did not want to waste her food and so did not teach me how to cook.

Before I left school , I have taught myself how to cook and my confidence in cooking has grown,how I wish there was youtube those days,it would have been easy for me to learn,when I look back at those days now I laugh.  I try to avoid same happening to my children by teaching them early enough to prepare simple meals such as frying egg, preparing indomie and preparing stew and they will still learn more, isn’t that amazing!

Anytime you are cooking make sure your child is with you in the kitchen looking at what you are doing, after a while give the child the opportunity to prepare a meal for the family. Especially your girl child must start learning from early age, it is not good for your adult daughter not to be able to cook.


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