How To Treat Your Househelp

In some homes it is difficult not to have a live-in househelp as both parents are working.If you must get a househelp make sure you  do a thorough background check before employing a househelp,never be in a haste or desperate to get a househelp in order not to employ someone who will kidnap,cause harm to your child or even kill your child.

After you are through with the background check and you are satisfied and you employ your houshelp, the next thing is how do you treat this stranger in your home? Remember the way you treat your househelp is the same way he or she will treat your child. Though this may not always be the case but in most cases it is. If you are good and kind to your houshelp the tendency is that he or she will do same to your child. Always remember that your househelp Is a human being so treat him or her like one.

Dont treat your househelp like an animal simply because he or she is serving you. Be firm but not harsh or wicked. Be kind to your househelp, just imagine if he or she was your child, remember no condition is permanent. Don’t be among those madams that give leftover food or even spoilt food to their househelp.

Are you the man of the house? Never take undue advantage of your houshelp by forcefully sleeping with her or asking her out. This is very wrong as the houshelp is not in your house to satisfy your s3xual desires,that is the duty of your wife.

Treat your househelp in such a way that even if you meet him or her in the future you will walk with your head high and not in shame.

It is true the houshelp is there to assist with the house chores but be kind do not overwork your househelp to the extent that your househelp barely have time for his or herself. If you beat your househelp all the time be rest assured that your child will pay for it.

If you can stay without a househelp, it is better to do without them but if you can’t remember to always treat your househelp Just the way you would want your child to be treated.

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