How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Colgate Optic white

There are different types of body odour but bad breath stands out of them all . It’s just so terrible and can’t be hidden. It is worst if you work with a colleague that has a bad breath,okay may be its even your boss or a very close friend or relative,OMG ! What do you do? It’s very difficult to tell them that they have a bad breath isn’t it? So you have to endure for as long as you are with the person. Sometimes even the person with the bad breath hardly knows and doesn’t ever notice that people are always struggling for fresh breath when they are around him or her,too bad!

I remembered back in school there was a course mate of mine who no one ever wanted to seat beside,he never knew why no one wanted to seat beside him. When people come in late to  class and are looking for seat, his  area is always free but no one dare look that way, on one occasion I almost summoned the courage to tell him what was happening, but all my guts failed me as I approached him,not knowing where to start from. Perhaps I should have told him.

Sweetheart do yourself and the world a favor by taking care of your breath, oh!  and did I tell you that no one likes to hang around someone with bad breath,much less tell them about it. Dearie, you can avoid this and safe yourself the embarrassment by using the new Colgate Optic White Mouth wash, I guess Colgate have different mouth wash but I specifically like this because it does not only freshens the breath but it also makes the teeth white .

Colgate Optic White
Colgate Optic White

Even if you don’t have bad breath just get it and keep it handy, I always have one with me which I use at least twice a day. It keeps my breath fresh and also helps to get to all those hard to brush areas. Do you promise me you will get one today? okay then I will allow you whisper in my ear next time!

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