How To Take A ScreenShot After Updating to iOS 10

Screen grab with iOS 10
IOS 10 update

After the IOS 10 update it has been difficult to grab a screenshot for some people, I was also affected. With every update comes some changes and fixes, after the update grabbing a screenshot became a problem for me , it was almost a nightmare,  you know how this things are, the stress I went through made me unhappy as I couldn’t lay my finger on what the issue was, at this point I began  to wonder if it would have been better if i never updated, I kept having moments that I needed to screen grab and i just couldn’t screen grab, So what did I do?


I took my search for solution to the almighty google, it was at this point I knew I wasn’t alone on this, I couldn’t still find a solution from the search and so I decided I must find the solution on my own. I was determined to give it what it takes after all why should ordinary screen grabbing become a milestone. So I went on for days experimenting with buttons, oh my! need I say it was frustrating but the determination to solve it was stronger than the frustration I was feeling.

Oh! Lo and behold! I finally found the solution, what I was looking for was right there staring at me in the face and I couldn’t just see it, eager to know what the solution is ? Slow down, it was still the same button I had always pressed before the update but just that it seems it has to be pressed simultaneously now! The Home and the Sleep button. If you are encountering the same problem after updating to IOS 10 , just make sure you press the Home and Sleep button at the same time, if you press one before the other even almost at the same time , you won’t be able to screen grab any thing .

Apple iPhone iOS 10 update
IOS 10 update

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