How To Handle A Cheating Spouse


A friend called me up two months ago crying profusely on the phone, upon enquiring further what the problem is , she said she just found an evidence that her spouse is cheating on her. She said she found a cond*m where he hid it , she was crying uncontrollably. Just like her a lot of couples are going through this heart breaking dilemma , finding out that your spouse is cheating on you can be so disheartening.

It could even be more painful if you trust your spouse and have also sacrificed a lot to make your marriage work. As my friend was crying uncontrollably , I pleaded with her to calm down because at such moment a lot of disastrous thoughts might be coming up to her mind, I also pleaded with her not to take any drastic decision at the moment. Yes! moments like this are difficult to endure and think right but the truth is you should never take any hasty decision during this emotional pain.

First calm your self down, there is nothing wrong if you cry about it but never make any decision at this moment because you might be overwhelmed by your emotions and not make an objective decision. Agree with me or reject it but take your pain to the originator of marriage , bare your mind to him and ask him to give you the strength to forgive your spouse for being unfaithful to you and betraying your love.

Secondly do not confront your spouse during this time, it’s better you discuss it when you are in a good state of mind, this would  help you better to know how to present the situation and achieve a positive result. If you confront your spouse when you are overwhelmed with emotions you might end up getting into a fight with your spouse or even make the situation worst than it is.

Marriages today are under attack more than ever before and s3xual infidelity is the weapon of attack being used mostly on marriage, unfortunately some spouse are falling into this temptation thereby destroying the marriage institution. Remember that the power of making your marriage successful is in your hand, so despite the emotional trauma you might be going through because of your spouse unfaithfulness never make or take any irrational decision. Weigh your decisions carefully, do not make decision based on your present emotions.

You can always forgive your spouse especially if he or she is truly remorseful and ready to love and cherish you whole heartedly. Those were my exact words to my friend and thankfully her relationship with her husband is back on track.

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