Google Pixel Phone:Get A $100 Best Buy Gift Card With Purchase & Activation

Google pixel phone
Google pixel phone

Isn’t it time you get a new phone? You’ve had your old phone for a while now and you feel it’s time to discard it but you can’t just let go, you are so attached it, yes I understand , I know that feeling when an item has become a part of you, sorry but this time you’ve got to let it go as something bigger is here and you definitely can’t miss out on this!   Yes,  It’s time to let go and get something new  for yourself and perhaps for your partner. On the lookout for a new phone to buy? Worry no more, let me introduce you to the  Pixel Phone made by Google as this is exactly what you need!


Of course you and I know that you can only expect the best from google and as expected the pixel phone from google is nothing short of the expectation. The google pixel phone comes in two sizes and has a Personal Google Assistant which you could tell to do things by saying “OK Google,” or you can touch and hold the Home button to also tell it to do something, isn’t this amazing ,having a personal assistant without hiring one!
It even gets better as we check out other features such as unlimited storage , say what? Yes say good-bye to those annoying “storage is full message as you store all your photos and videos on google photos and then use the smart storage to free up your space, oh mine, you just have to get this phone. Still not convinced, even Thomas wasn’t .

Love capturing memorable moments with friends and loved ones then you can’t be wrong with it smart photos that helps you capture perfect shots whether in high or low light and then store and back it up on google photos for you. Is getting interesting isn’t it?
Okay let me not forget to mention about the Google Duo – this is a video calling app which brings you face-to-face with your caller and also a knock knock function which helps you see the caller before you pick .
Your mind still not made up? then this will surely seal it up for you.  Did I tell you about the Google Allo, oh ! that’s your smart messaging app that lets you say and do more. What of those times you need to make an important call or in middle of a call and you have a flat battery, we know this things do happen but you can definitely say goodbye to it with its reversible USB Type-C charger which charges 4 times faster and gets you up to 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. It also has a Doze function which automatically puts the phone to sleep when not in use to extend battery life. What more can you ask for ? Get yours now at Best Buy and get a  $100 gift card with purchase and activation, wow! it can’t get better than this!!



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  1. Whoa, I love all the function of the phone particularly the storage , someone like me who loves capturing all the moment of my son gets concerned about storage when purchasing a phone.

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