Reasons Your Spouse Is No Longer Attracted To You

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Marriage is such a wonderful Institution where you have the good , the bad and the ugly . Today there is a lot going on in this institution called marriage, while some are getting out , some are desperately seeking to get in. Marriage is a precious gift from our creator and there are many factors that determines how your experience in your marriage will be . Do you remember the saying ” how you lay your bed that is how you lie on it” this also applies to your marriage. Your marriage is what you make of it.

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There was a form of physical attraction between you and your partner before you both agreed to tie the knot, if you look back and compare that time to now, does that attraction still exist? For some the more they advance in their marriage their attraction for each other intensifies while for others the more years they spend together the attraction decreases, which of these applies to you? In most case I have noticed that the latter prevails, after so many years of marriage some couples have complained that they are no longer attracted to their spouse, do you know why ? Because In most cases their spouse have let go of them self after marriage.

You need to know that love is different from attraction in marriage, you can love your spouse but may not be attracted to your spouse due to the physical appearance of your spouse, which perhaps can be weight gain , looking shabby and unkept and so forth( this are not physical changes that are inevitable) Your physical senses are triggered to be attracted or passionate about a person on sighting a person’s physical appearance. Physical attraction is very important in marriage as it helps sustain intimacy in marriage.

Even though it may not be easy to look exactly the same way you looked before getting married but realizing the importance of physical attraction between you and your spouse will make you not to let go off yourself after marriage. Are you the type of person that feels you don’t need to look attractive again after marriage based on the assumption that what else are you looking for , my dear you are very wrong. dress well when you are at home , don’t look unkept and shabby, look neat. If you are a woman, get your hair done on a regular basis , apply makeup if your spouse loves it, dress young, know the kind of outfit your husband likes and put them on , don’t behave as if you have reached your last bus stop. Your husband is watching you unknowingly to you. He either gets attracted to you or he decides to put up with your shabby looks.

Same goes for the man, some men too are dirty. I have heard of a lady complain bitterly of how dirty her husband is, even though it is part of the woman ‘s job as a helper to make sure her husband is clean but you the man has a major role to play here because you are an adult and know what is right or wrong. If you want to remain attractive to your wife then look neat, cut your hair when it is necessary , have a trimmed beard, smell fresh and look good for your spouse .

You and your spouse also needs to keep fit, excessive weight gain can repel your spouse and lessen the attraction between both of you. Hence you need to watch your weight, if you have a protruding belly as a man, work on this same goes for you the woman. Sometimes your spouse may not even be aware that you are being repelled by his or her physical appearance as a result of his or shabby looks or weight gain , this is not the time to rant, rave, nag or blame your spouse, instead have a heart to heart discussion with your spouse explaining to your spouse how you feel about his or her looks or weight gain, explain to your spouse exactly how this affects you and how you think this can be resolved. Don’t ever resort to teasing or shaming your spouse about their physical appearance, honestly you will achieve nothing by doing this.Be very careful in your choice of words when discussing this matter.

You must try your best to remain attractive to your spouse in marriage, don’t let go of yourself feeling there is no one looking at you, the most important person in your life-your spouse is looking at you and if you want to continuously sustain the intimacy between you both and remain attractive to him or her then take good care of your self, look smart, dress well, be neat and attractive always.


11 Replies to “Reasons Your Spouse Is No Longer Attracted To You

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  2. I use to be size 10 but after the birth of my last child I gained lot of weight I am presently size 18 though my hubby isn’t complaining but he has stopped complementing me, I feel bad about this but it’s been tough loosing the weight.

  3. I wish my wife would read this, she likes tying wrapped on her chest , I have complained and I am really tired. Her hair is so untidy, and the surprising thing was that seven years ago before we got married she was always on point so I don’t know what could be the problem now. Anytime I complain she will say what again is she looking for.

  4. My wife still looks sexy after 2 kids but I think she is over doing it. She is overly conscious about her looks. Last weekend I and the kids went hungry as she spent the whole day at the salon making her hair, fixing eye lashes and nail. I have told her severally I don’t like her preparing my meal with long nails but that isn’t for her . Yeah I agree spouse should still keep them self attractive for their spouse but it should not be over done, especially if the spouse is complaining after all is it not the spouse you are doing it for

  5. My husband takes too much alcoholic drink and it’s making him to have pot belly, honestly I don’t like a man with pot belly. He doesn’t gym and even when I try to prepare foods that will help control weight he will complain badly. He will demand for his carbohydrate food and anytime I dare talk about him loosing weight he takes it personal and he will say it seems they have started deceiving me outside. I really feel like letting him know how this affects me emotionally . I wish he can trim down

  6. I don’t get it why do people complain about the way their spouse look, how do they ever expect their spouse to look the way he or her was when they got married, people should try and face reality . That is my opinion

  7. I and my husband help each other and we are very open, if I start gaining weight he lets me know likewise me. If I dress and he dosent like it he tells me. I believe this really calls for mutual understanding between spouse. Your look is not important to anyone order than your spouse so both of you have to help each other and I think it is wrong for a partner to feel offended when your partner complain. Initially I wasn’t taking it lightly when my husband complains about my look but later I started appreciate it because it obviously shows he still loves me and wants me to be attractive for him.

  8. I think the problem here is that most of us don’t take this things serious. For some women they use child birth as excuse , I know this contributes but if you don’t want your man to look outside, the onus is on you to keep yourself attractive regardless of anything, same goes for the man. Some of us men want to eat all the isi ewu, nkwobi and take alchohol. I am not saying this is bad but we all have to watch it most especially because of our health. This days people just slump and die it’s all due to health issues. Someone like me my wife knows I must take fruits before eating, no carbohydrate food at night and every weekend I must work out. People always want to know how I look young and keep fit and when i tell them they are not ready to do it. It’s time both men and women take their health issues seriously.

  9. My wife dosent like herself simply because she is fat, I told her I love her that way but she says am deceiving her that I am not bothered because I have mistresses outside. But really I like her the way she is even though she is fat she still looks attractive but she keeps complaining about herself simply because she is not slim. I don’t just know how to convince her that I love her just the way she is.

  10. What is more important to me is neatness and character, slim or fat makes no difference. The girl I wanted to marry before was slim and beautiful but no character, I caught her on bed with another man 6 months to our wedding. I called it off , the lady I want to marry now is fat but she is the best girl I have ever met. I think we should stop emphasizing on the outward look and concentrate more on what is inside .

  11. I don’t know if I am sounding selfish but I have insisted my wife loose all the weight otherwise ……. if I wanted s fat woman , I would have married

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