Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

Happy couple
Happy couple

Have you ever heard the word rebranding? Of course yes, you must have heard the word so many times as it is mostly used by corporate organizations. Most organizations who wants to remain relevant and continuously get the attention of their consumers constantly use rebranding as a marketing strategy. Most especially rebranding helps organization to stay ahead of their competitors and upmarket their brand.
Rebranding for organizations can mean change of company logo, design or totally repackaging an existing product .

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Now think of your marriage as the organization and see yourself as the product while your spouse is the consumer . After so many years of marriage, do you think you need rebranding ? Quite honestly in my opinion I think you need to constantly rebrand yourself in your marriage In order to remain appealing to your spouse. This does not call for any ceremonial process, this can be as little as changing your looks perhaps by having a hair cut if you are a woman, changing your wardrobe or coming up with new ideas. Personally I constantly try to maintain different decent looks. I could go on beautiful low cut, like the one I have right now, I could later change it to weave or weavon , I try out a lot of fanciful looks and when my spouse likes it I try to keep it for sometime and when it starts becoming boring hmmmmm…… I immediately get a new look.

Sometimes you tend to over look rebranding in marriage as you get exhausted into different responsibilities in marriage, you quickly forget that it is easy for your spouse to get bored of you if you do not add some spice to your marriage. Rebranding doesn’t just have to be your looks, it could be learning how to cook a new meal, it could be getting your spouse and kids involved in a new activity.

When last did you go on a date with your spouse? When last did you have dinner with your spouse at a restaurant? What of family time out at a picnic or beach ? This are various ways of rebranding in marriage. Start something new and enjoyable in your marriage. If you can afford it , what of a change of wardrobe, wear something new, look different, get the attention of your spouse.

I will tell you my personal experience , one day while at home I was all dressed up and had my makeup on which is not normally the case when am at home. My spouse wasn’t home but do you know that when he came back the first thing he said is you look different, he kept staring at me , so the next day I still did the same , he then asked me did you just get this makeup , I said no , I have always had it. That moment I got the message and since then I kept on rebranding myself and each time it seems we are starting afresh.

You don’t need your spouse to complain before you rebrand, most won’t but the moment you rebrand they will commend you and then you will know they had wanted it all along , perhaps they were consciously unaware that you both needed rebranding. Look around yourself right now and think of what you can do differently in your marriage that can spice up your marriage , if you’ve found it don’t waste a minute to implement it now! Rebrand yourself , your marriage and spice up your marriage like never before and see what a positive difference it would make in your marriage.


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