Husband Or Male Which Are You?

MRWMarriages today are going through a hard time, most couples are calling it quit as they can no longer stand the heat in their marriage . When it comes to who should make the marriage work out, most times the finger is quickly pointed at the woman. I am sure you must have heard the  phrase many times that it is the woman that makes the marriage to work, hold it there! What about the man what does he do if the success of a marriage lies solely in the hand of the woman. Wives have been told so many times to keep on enduring for the sake of the children, they’ve been told all men are the same but is that true? That brings us to the subject of this article are you a husband or just another male?

There is a saying that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, Hence your family life determines your character, it determines if you can rightly be called a husband. Getting married in itself alone does not qualify you as being  called a husband but the quality of your character and the treatment you give to that woman you called your wife can determine if you are truly a husband or just a male. Can your wife happily refer to you as her husband, can she easily submit, respect and trust based on her experience with you over the years?

How do you treat your wife? you took a vow to standby her regardless of the situation and years down the lane you are singing a different song. You are not just called a husband because you are no longer a bachelor but because you are now a married man bestowed with a responsibility that will shape your life, that of your wife and your  children. Do you make your wife happy? Do you treat her like a precious treasure or do you tear her down due to your constant verbal abuse , do you abuse her physically and destroy her self-esteem? If you do this you should know you are just a male and not a husband.

You can only and truly be referred to as husband if you love, honor and respect your wife. Make it easy for your wife to submit to your headship. Do not turn her into a punching bag nor turn her into a laughing-stock because of your character which could be being a debtor by constantly getting into debt, you can read more about this in our article money issues that can impact negatively on your marriage. Are you known for sleeping around? You simply can not take your eyes off anything in skirt? It even becomes so bad that you sleep with your wife’s friends and still feels cool with yourself? Let me tell you are not worthy of being called a husband, it’s time you evaluate yourself, have a rethink and become responsible.

Do you make excuses that your wife is yet to give you a child after years of marriage and as a result you have to get someone else pregnant , have you forgotten your vows , the words you happily said on your wedding day? You said for better for worse, what exactly did you think worse in the vow mean? Where you expecting the worse situations in your marriage to be sweet, enjoyable or refreshing? Of course not! So why are you so quick to give intangible excuses for misbehaving and causing the woman you profess to love heart ache.

Being a husband is not about the money you bring home but about the happiness and joy you bring to the woman you brought into your life to compliment you . Is she grateful everyday of her life for her choice of you as her husband or is she full of regret for accepting to be your wife? Learn to treat your wife with dignity and respect , show her love, give her the attention she deserves. If there is any changes you want her to make to herself, communicate with her lovingly, don’t put her on the defensive otherwise you won’t achieve anything. Constantly have a heart to heart discussions with her, know her fears and her dreams and work with her to achieve her dreams.

Always remember that you are the head of the family and the success of your marriage does not solely depend on your wife but on both of you. Hence, take charge of your family, act with wisdom and make your wife proud and grateful for having you in her life. Then you can truly call yourself a husband.

12 Replies to “Husband Or Male Which Are You?

  1. When I wanted to marry husband my family was against it because he was not from our tribe but I stood my ground and married him, after 13 years I am grateful I made that choice and I would choose him again

  2. My husband is a workaholic , he barely have my time. I have tried many time to discuss my concern to no avail and our marriage is still young. He spends for me but just no attention for me

  3. What do you do when you have a nagging wife?seriously she is driving me crazy, it’s hard to satisfy her, I don’t even know what exactly she wants . I give her attention, I spend on her but yet she just keeps nagging and complaining

  4. The only fault I find with my hubby is that he likes women so much apart from that heis such a good man, I keep praying for him for my God to open his eyes so he can see that what he is doing is bad

  5. Let me speak for my self I a a husband and my family can testify to that . I take good care of my wife and family. Most importantly I bring them closer to God

  6. My take on this is if your woman is not proud of you and does not wish that if the situation presents itself again that he will choose you, then you need to check yourself

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