Money Issues That Can Impact Negatively On Your Marriage


Money is very important in all facets of life, and this also applies to marriage. It’s  difficult to run a home perfectly without money . There is a saying that money is the root of all evil but that is when it is not put in its right place. How do you and your spouse handle money issues in your family? The truth is making some money mistakes can destroy  your marriage and as such you and your spouse  need to be careful when it comes to managing the family finance.

Some couples have decided to have a joint account in order to monitor their spending while some has decided against it . One of the money mistakes that can affect your marital relationship is overspending, are you the type of person that buys things on impulse, you buy both what you need and what you don’t need thereby overspending and spending above your family budget? Such spending can irritate your spouse and lead to yelling and quarreling between you and your spouse.

Another money issue is debt, do you always buy stuffs on credit or borrowing money here and there even without your spouse knowledge thereby causing your spouse embarrassment. Are you a chronic debtor? When I was in paid employment there was a colleague of mine who was a chronic debtor, she was an impulse buyer, she buys things on credit even when she knows she can’t afford it,  she was in so much debt and anytime the sellers come for their money she hides and tell the security to inform the seller she is not around. This continued for a long while until one day she used a customer’s money to pay for her debt which lead to her loosing her job, can you imagine that! This is what leaving above your standard and running into debt can cause you or even worse. If you constantly embezzle your family fund and run into debts, your partner sooner or later will definitely not be able to tolerate you .

Thirdly do you use your spouse money or take his or her credit card without informing your spouse, without doubt both of you are one but still it’s wrong for you  to take your spouse money or use the money your spouse kept with you without informing your spouse and getting his or her consent to use it. Money it’s very difficult to come by so unnecessarily overspending your family fund,or constantly getting into debt and embarrassing your spouse or using your spouse credit card  or money without their consent it’s totally unacceptable. Constant unreasonable request of money  from your spouse for wasteful spending can also get to your spouse and ruin your marital relationship.

You must show maturity when it’s coming to spending and managing your family fund, your partner will respect you more if he or she knows you can be trusted with the family fund, hence you must avoid all the above money issues which can break your marriage. Always have a spending budget and know your limit, never buy on impulse especially if you don’t need it  and if it will cut deep into your pocket. Keep the habit of not getting into debt, do not live above your means, be real only get what you can afford to pay for and things you need and not things you want, do not borrow from Peter to pay Paul thereby living in a circle of borrowing. There is no dignity for a chronic debtor. Communicate regularly and effectively  with your spouse about your family budget, your spending limit and be open to each other about your earnings, so you both can  know your total monthly income which will help you make a wise budget .

It is also important to note that you should avoid some unreasonable money request from your spouse , do not milk your spouse dry financially . Do not lazy about and expect only your spouse to earn money for the family or use your spouse money without his or her consent. Remember that a successful marriage is built on a solid foundation of honesty and trust, so avoid all money mistakes that can destroy or affect your marriage negatively.

15 Replies to “Money Issues That Can Impact Negatively On Your Marriage

  1. I and my hubby are very transparent when it comes to money, I know how much he earns and he knows mine. We have a family budget and we don’t spend on impulse

  2. When my husband collects money from me he dosent ever give it back to me, if it’s small money I really don’t bother but am a bit worried because he has made it a habit. I don’t think that is right

  3. My wife demands a lot, she is not working and all attempts to set her up as failed. I opened a supermarket for her she mismanaged the whole thing. She is careless with money and she spends a lot . Can you believe she once used the children’s school fees I gave to her for her personal shopping. It’s so frustrating. I have told her I will open up a supermarket for her again and if she mismanage it again that’s the end , I won’t give her any dime again

  4. My husband likes to live large and impress his friends as a result he gets into debt. I am tired as I have to pay from one debt to another. He will buy expensive clothes on credit, I will have to clear off . He dosent know how much this affects me

  5. I had an agreement with my wife that no unnecessary buying, we even got the children involved . You don’t ask for what you don’t really need. this has been working for us

  6. i and my wife mutually shared how to handle the family finance. While I understand 70% she does 30% and we agreed on a particular amount to set out every month as the family savings .

  7. My mother In law is my problem, she will always come with one issue or another that involves money. I am getting so fed up , she has turned me into a money making machine.

  8. My wife is fund of taking my money without asking. She checks my pocket and takes the money . I have true explaining to her that she should always ask before using it as the money maybe meant for something important but she has refused to listen saying what belongs to me is hers and she dosent need permission to use my money

  9. My cousin’s husband always demand for her whole salary at the end of the month . Is this normal ? I feel it’s only a lazy man that will demand his wife’s whole salary

  10. My religion always train couples on money management before wedding as some of our members marriage didn’t work out because of money problem

  11. My wife is a professional debtor, everything they bring to her office she buys, before the end of the month she would have spend more than her salary on credit , she would then carry payment over to the next month salary. It’s really terrible

  12. I don’t ever encourage joint accounts due to my personal experience , my ex husband spend all the money in her account on his girlfriend because the signing mandate was either to sign. I kept putting money not knowing he was busy spending it. The day my son was very sick and I need to withdraw money for bill that was when I realized the account was empty .

  13. If you marry a party freak wife like mine , you are in for serious igbese. Be sure to have money for Aso ebi. She never gets tired of buying and her excuse for attending all this is that when it is her own time people will come. I have decided to let her be for peace sake.

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