The Important Principle For Success In Life


Many of us keep making attempts daily at success. We keep making decisions, choices and effort at different things; hoping at the end of the day would deliver for us our expectations in terms of safety, security, surplus, comfort and happiness. Most of us work hard daily for a good life; we want a good life, we want to be happy in life.

For years we learnt from people, situations and our own experiences different lessons that today inform, guide, control and coordinate our various attempts in life.

Some attempts delivered good results, some fair results and some others, disappointing results.

Many of us are daily living our lives in fear and uncertainty about what tomorrow holds and what the future has to offer. We hope and pray that one day, these fears would be gone as we would eventually attain that level and achieve that dream that would set us free from this life of struggle, insufficiency and insecurity.

Many are tired of being broke, tired of being stressed, tired of being disrespected, tired of embarrassment, tired of subjugation and injustice. Many today believe with a lot of money comes freedom. Many believe they would earn respect and freedom when they have enough money. Many believe they would enjoy a high level of freedom if they need not depend on anyone for financial support or help.

Many want freedom from the control of their parents, control of rich relatives and siblings, control of employers, control of bosses, control of their spouses, control of friends, benefactors and even lenders.

Many want to own homes of their own and be free from landlords, many want to run their businesses and be free from their bosses, many want to start their own companies and be free from paid employment many want to have a lot of money and be free from lack and fear. Freedom to a large extent brings happiness.

When your home is yours, your cars are yours, your company is yours and all you own belongs to you alongside an impressive bank balance; you will smile more frequently.

The how, to all these desires however, is the real question. How shall these things be, how will this freedom come, how will this money come, are the questions many are seeking answers to everyday.

Ladies and gentlemen, the most inconsistent thing in life is life itself. The world is ever changing and ever dynamic, a winning strategy today may completely disappoint you tomorrow. A winning business today may fail woefully tomorrow. Someone’s winning edge may be your own entrapment if you copy it. Life is so dynamic, inconsistent and treacherous. Life, surely, can be difficult to handle or manage.

There are however some universal principles and laws that govern the law of life and existence. These are proven laws upon which life itself is sustained. Without these laws, life ceases to be life.

The law of gravity is one, the law of sowing and reaping is another, the law of cause and effect is another. There are so many of these laws that govern the world we live in and the understanding of these laws and the right application of these laws would bring your expected answers any day, anytime, in whatever era or season. These are universal laws.

I’ll want to share with you this morning an important principle or law for success in life. Many people who desire true freedom and financial independence have failed despite their certificates, education, hard work and opportunities, simply because they do not know or they disdain the power of this principle or law.

It is the law of personal worth. Dear friend, what is your worth? The worth of anything today is its value, the value of anything today is in its usefulness, the usefulness of anything today is in its ability to bring right answers, superior solution or succour to mankind.

Any article of service with the superior capacity to meet needs or solve problems today is naturally in demand. People seek after anything that can make their lives better. People are willing to exchange money for anything or anyone that can bring solutions to challenges or satisfaction to needs in their lives.

Becoming a person of worth is in your ability or capacity to bring about excellent, superior and unique solution to the problems and needs of people. Meeting needs, delivering answers and superior solutions in the most perfect, uncommon, difficult to imitate way is what makes you valuable. When you do it in a way no one else can, you become valuable.

If you want to be rich, if you want to be valuable, the answer is not out there, the answer is within you. Going to school, certificates, hard work, good looks and ambition can never enhance your value considerably. You begin to appreciate in value when you begin to solve problems and meet needs in such a way that your customers and clients would want and like only you.

You begin to appreciate in value when you’re able to meet needs and solve problems in dimensions superior to what others can do.

Growing in value is indicated through your demand frequency; that is the increasing number of people or companies asking for your product, service, skill or capacity.

The law of demand and supply makes it clear that when demand is high, prices or value goes up. When you grow your demand, based on superior service and solution delivery, your customers and target audience will naturally be forced to pay more for you. When you get to that point where customers and your employers become desperate for your services and solutions, you have become a real person of worth.

How then do you grow your value? It’s simply in your ability to realise the need to be far better than your mates and competitors in your chosen field of endeavour.

How much better are you than your competitors in business and colleagues at work? Are you the best in your field, your team, your organisation, the company?

Are you the best at your skill, your business or trade? The greatest mistake many of us make is the attempt to grow our businesses and careers without growing ourselves. Your business and career worth can never grow if you don’t grow your own worth. You can’t build with materials you lack.

Many people today are busy in stagnation. You’re busy following an outdated job routine and business process diligently, tenaciously and passionately without improving yourself or the process.

You’re busy applying outdated rules, concepts, tool and knowledge. Old things depreciate in value as soon as new and superior things show up. You need to catch up, you need to work on you to be better than the best.

Becoming a person of worth is not in what you call yourself, who you think you are and prophetic declarations and spiritual songs about knowing who you are. It’s in truly working on your mind, yourself, your abilities and capabilities. It’s in having answers; having the best answers to the needs and challenges of companies and customers. It’s not in what you say, it’s in what you can do.

Being busy counts for nothing, hard work means nothing, it is what you’re busy doing and working hard at that makes the difference.

Stop running around trying to make people buy your average competence, your average product and your average services, only average customers would patronise you and pay you average money.

Your hard work must be on improving what you can do and deliver, not on daily routine and just running about. Rich people don’t buy the most expensive things in the market, they buy the best quality products, don’t over price yourself and your offer because you want good returns in payments, it will embarrass you.

If you want big clients, big customers, rich employers, rich buyers and patronisers; offer the most excellent capacity, the most excellent ability, the most excellent service and the most excellent products in the market.

In my profession as a speaker and career coach, I know practitioners who earn five thousand dollars per hour and I know those who earn fifty dollars for the same one hour. Same job, different reward. Your reward is in your worth, not your job, it’s not in what you do; it’s in being the best at it. Dear friend, what is your worth?

Written By: Muyiwa Afolabi

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