Is It Right To Divorce Your Partner Based On Irreconciable Differences



Due to imperfection and living in a sinful world, some marriages do reach the breaking point but how do you deal with such trying situation ?
Adultery is the only ground for divorce with the possibility of remarriage. If you have concrete evidence that your marriage mate is unfaithful then you face a difficult situation whether to continue in the marriage or get a divorce. Apart from adultery there are no grounds for divorce with the possibility of remarriage.

Even in the case of adultery, there are no rules. You can still completely forgive a genuinely repentant can also decide against divorce for the sake of the children. On the other hand, if the infidelity of your spouse has resulted in pregnancy or a s3xually transmitted disease or perhaps the children needs to be protected from an abusive partner, then clearly there is much for you to consider before making a decision.
Do not allow anyone to influence your decision as you will have to live with the consequences of your decision .

Since the only ground for divorce is adultery, you may ask- can I separate from my partner based on irreconcilable difference? Well, separation may seem advisable only on some extreme situations. What are some extreme situations?

Well, if a spouse is extremely violent towards the partner, perhaps repeatedly beating that one to the extent that health and even life are in action may also be considered.
Also, in situation where the family may become destitute because of the gross laziness and bad habits of the husband or if such a man refuses to change his ways, perhaps even financing his vices by taking his spouse money. The innocent mate can obtain legal separation but should bear in mind that remarriage is not possible.
Flimsy excuses should never be used to get out of marriage.


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  1. My friend forgave his wife of adultery and they ‘be had a perfect marriage since then, so I definitely agree with what is on this post that even if your partner commits adultery it does not mean you must quit

  2. My marriage once almost reached the point of divorce but I thank God for taking absolute control and giving me the patience and wisdom to handle my husband . Sometimes instead of rushing into divorce , husband and wife should reach a concencus

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