Consequences of Lack of Trust In Marriage


The importance of trust in marriage can never be under estimated. Trust is one of the pillars of marriage and definitely when it is not in a marriage it is only a matter of time for the marriage to collapse. I found this piece on Vanguardngrnews that shows how a marriage can easily crumble after many years once trust is lacking. Read and leave a comment pointing out other issues that destroyed the marriage of the couple in the story below .

According to Vanguardngrnews ,An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between Ogunleye Titilayo and her husband, Taiwo on grounds of incessant fighting, lack of care and public assault. The President of the court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, held that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved it.

Akomolede awarded custody of the child to the wife, and ordered that the education of the child should be the jointly‎ responsibility of both parents. She said that the husband should be paying N4,000 as monthly upkeep allowance and granted him access to see his child. Titilayo, 40, a resident of No 35, Araromi, Ado-Ekiti told the court that their incessant fighting was mainly on the maintenance of the only child they both have. She said whenever she demands for the child’s school fees, it would led to a fight.

The mother of one, said that Taiwo had refuse to take care of her, claiming when he lost his job, she did not support him. According to her, before she left his house, they jointly pay the child’s school fees but after leaving his house, she has been paying the fees. She said her husband always assault her publicly, saying anywhere he sees her, he was fond of calling her a prostitute.

Titilayo urged the court to dissolve the marriage and award her ‎custody of the only child, Joshua. But Taiwo, 42, a resident of No 11, Tosin Aluko, Textile, Ado-Ekiti, denied fighting his wife. He said that he always give her money to buy foodstuff in the house. The respondent said that he even opened a restaurant for Titilayo but she added beer to it which he did not accept. He said that he started suspecting her when she picks her calls outside at home. Taiwo accused the wife of attempting to stab him with knife when they were fighting, and used his money to feed another man.


23 Replies to “Consequences of Lack of Trust In Marriage

  1. Personally I think the problem here is infidelity as the man complains that the wife picks her call outside the house which obviously is a sign of infidelity

  2. Honestly I don’t understand why men can handle suspicion maturely and funny enough this same man can not vouch that he had never cheated on his wife.its the child I pity

  3. Once a woman start having an affair , the marriage will sure collapse no doubt about that. Am sure the man has had enough that is why he is fighting and calling her names

  4. The man has no right not to fulfill his obligation towards his child . No matter the issue with his wife he should still take care of his child

    1. I do not agree with you dissolving was not the best, they could have seemed legal separation. People just take marriage for granted

  5. I think the whole trouble started when the man lost his job, he said the wife did not support him and perharps that could be the time the woman started flirting, so when money came the man felt it was pay back time bun of providing for the woman again. Ordinarily one would expect that after such a long years of marriage they should have a Bettef understanding of each other

  6. Can you imagine the man started a restaurant for her but yet she couldn’t support him when he lost his job.

  7. The woman must be a stubborn woman and no man likes a stubborn wife. He told her not to sell beer and she started selling beer to attract men to his restaurant. The man already knows that when men start coming to the restaurant she might start having an affair and true to type that was exactly what happened.

  8. The man shouldn’t have opened the restaurant for her since he knows the type of wife he has , is it possible to wear cassava leaves as cloth and yet be a friend to goat? You obviously know what the goat will do to your cassava leave cloth. So the man is the architect of his problem.

  9. Is not all type of business you can open for your wife and definitely restaurant business is one of it. Most women who does it are wayward . Once my wife approached me and asked me to help her set up a restaurant business my answer was a capital No, of course we quarreled over it for sometime and today we are glad we never did . Her friend who also opened a restaurant at the time , who was the same person influencing her to open her, later left her marriage and moved in with another man. So my advice it be sure of what you want before opening a restaurant or beer parlour for your wife.

  10. Almost the same thing happened to my neighbor and theirs was so painful because their marriage looks so perfect and everyone admired them until when the woman opened a beer parlour and the story changed. Anytime I remember them I feel so bad. Honestly marriage is not easy

  11. I don’t know why it is difficult for some women to stand by their husband during difficult time, once they are the breadwinner their character changes completely.

  12. There is a particular tribe that when you marry from there you are on your own when things are difficult for you as a man. It happened to my friend, he was the one who sponsored his wife in school , took care of her siblings . The man also helped her secure her present job where she is well paid. All was very sweet and rosy still when my friends business started having some challenge and my friend could not take care of the family finance. Initially he will come and we his friends will donate for him but after a while we adviced him to let his wife know his present situation since she earns well. To cut the long story short that was the beginning of the end of the marriage, the woman that was behaving so lovingly then started showing her true character. My prayer for every man is that they should be able to provide for their household.

  13. Most women will only love and respect you when you can meet their needs, once the table turns they will shock you with their real character.

  14. Sometimes people just look for a situation to exhib their true self. If you have principle I don’t think money or any thing can change it. Like me I support my husband a lot that does not call from rudeness or flirting with men. Some people are just bad that is it

  15. My husband is the jealous type , Infact if he see me discussing with a male neighbor there will be trouble. I am tired of this type of jealousy

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