How To Handle a Spouse With Destructive Emotions



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Marriage is both a source of joy and tribulation. Every couple is faced with one challenge or the other in their marriage. How you handle the challenge in your marriage will determine the success of your marriage . Sometimes the challenge you may have to face in your marriage, might be your spouse. Does he or she have emotional outburst, is unable to control its emotions in a difficult situation or exhibits destructive emotions under some circumstances ? How best can you manage your partners destructive emotions in order for your marital relationship not to deteriorate?

Destructive emotions is like “a city broken through without a wall”, destructive emotions such as rage or immoral lust will cause damage that takes years to repair, if it can be repaired at all. If you and your marriage mate must enjoy a happy marriage, you both must learn to have self control. Self control will help you deal more calmly with provocations and difficult situations. It will also help you to avoid marital immorality, violence and alcoholism .

Though it may be difficult to have a full control over your imperfect flesh but by diligently working to achieve this quality and associating with fellow couples who manifest self control in their way of life , would make it easy for you to achieve this.Self control will help you deal with an emotionally destructive mate calmly no matter the provocations or difficult situations. You must also help your partner to learn and exhibit self control by so doing you will be able to turn the tribulation in your marriage to a source of joy and enjoy a happy marriage.



11 Replies to “How To Handle a Spouse With Destructive Emotions

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  2. Personally I easily get angry but my anger doesn’t last, thank god my wife understands. In those moment of emotional outburst she keeps her cool knowing I will soon come around.

  3. Well am not yet married but most times my girl friend drives me crazy through her attitude . I thank God that I can control myself otherwise I would have dealt with her

  4. My friend’s husband is very temperamental , one day he slapped my friend in my presence that was the day I respected my friend. She was so calm I could barely believe my eyes.if it were someone like me I won’t have been able to control my emotions. It takes a lot of maturity to controls one’s emotion

  5. I use to be a wife beater but after I seek counseling with my wife and it was discovered the root cause of my problem was lack of self control , I was adviced the several ways I can control my anger, one of which was mentioned in this post that I should walk away from the situation when I can’t control my emotions . I advice every husband and wife to cultivate it for a happy home.

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