Any Man Who Wants To Do This 5 Things Should Never Get Married

Marriage is a life long decision which must be weighed carefully before being embarked on. There are rules for marriage, unfortunately most men come into marriage with the mindset that they can disregard this rules. This causes chaos in the marriage and ruin the joy of the woman. If as a man you are still interested in doing the 5 things below, please avoid marriage by all means.

5 Thinga A Married Man Can’t Do

Adultery : If you are a fornicator as a bachelor there is a high tendency you will be adulterous when married. Thus, If you know within you that saying I Do to that woman would not mark the end of your philandering behavior then remain single and enjoy your fornication in peace without putting your wife through emotional trauma.

You love privacy: If you love and cherish your privacy please do not tie the knot. Your wife would love to have access to your phone, your email, social media at any time. It is her right and you can’t deny her of that except you are asking for chaos. Hence, if you won’t want a woman checking on you in the name of marriage,then keep off. Marriage isn’t for you.

Financially struggling: If you can barely feed yourself and take care of your needs, marriage isn’t for you. Love alone can never sustain marriage. Money helps to intensify the flame of love and stabilize the marriage. If you can’t constantly provide for the woman not only will it affect the love in your marriage but it will also affect the respect the woman has for you. Embarking on a marriage journey without money is a deadly mission you must avoid.

You are still a Mummy’s boy: If you still depend on your mother before making a decision please run away from marriage as far as you can. No woman wants to be married to a man who needs to always consult his mother in order to run his home. Marriage is for real men who are independent thinkers and can make decisions affecting their family without the influence of outsiders or family members. If your mother or family members will be the ones to run your home, you ain’t ready for marriage. Just keep away for now.

Your Tolerance Level is Low neither can you forgive: If you are extremely hot tempered, can’t hardly tolerate other people or find it difficult to easily forgive. My brother marriage is not for you. In marriage your tolerance level and forgiveness should be at a 100%. This is because living with a woman is not the easiest thing to do. Many times your patience would be put to the test and many times your toes will be stepped on. So if you can neither tolerate nor forgive, your marriage will end as quickly as it started.

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