How To Block Comments On Instagram Without Restricting Or Blocking An Account


To avoid cyberbullying and harrassment sometimes it becomes necessary to block some comments to save your mental health. However, this can be tedious if you have numerous comments and you have to either start deleting some comments or restrict the account or even outrightly block the account.


In some cases, after restricting the account or even blocking the account, the user creates another account to use in tormenting your life which means a repeat of the same cycle. You restrict and block, they simply create another account or use a different existing account.


Thus, restricting and blocking an account might not yield the needed result upon it being stressful especially when you have a lot of comments. However, there is a solution that can save you so much headache it is called MANUAL FILTER.


With manual filter all you need to do is add words or phrases that should be filtered out in your comment. You can add as much words or phrases that you want and separate them with comma. When such words are used in the comment that comment will not show. This saves you a lot of headache.

If you check your insight on a post and see a certain number of comments but cant find that number of comments on your post it simply means those bad comments have been filtered away.

To use the manual filter go to settings on your Instagram page, click on privacy, click on comment and look downwards till you see manual filter and then add words or phrases you don’t want to see in your comment and that’s all. You’ve just saved yourself from deleting of comments, restricting and blocking accounts. It’s that easy.

Tell us in the comment section about your experience using the manual filter if you’ve used it before or how helpful it was after reading about it here.


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