Funmi Awelewa Blast Upcoming Comedian Bororod For Disrespecting Her With His Skit


An upcoming instagram comedian called the attention of beautiful actress Funmi Awelewa to a skit he did with her name hoping to get support and limelight from her but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned as Funmi wasted no time to blast him for his senseless and disrespectful act called a skit.


She replied to the upcoming comedian by telling him “that’s not a skit, that’s disrespect”. Her fans also agreed with her that it is not a skit but an utter disrespect to her person and they wasted no time to descend on the comedian through their comments.


Funmi later made a post to blast the comedian, saying it’s a sensible person with grace that makes it to the limelight, that he should follow those doing it the right way. See her post below


Her fans also left no stone untouched as they gave the comedian a piece of their mind. See their comments below

Well, the comedian apologized and hopefully he will delete the skit and learn from other successful instagram comedians on how best to create a skit without stepping on the toes of the people he look up to bring him into the limelight.


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