Ronke Odusanya Involved In A Scam Advert


Popular Yoruba Actress Ronke Odusanya has found herself in a scam advert- talk about advert going wrong. According to her side of the story she was not aware the brand she advertised for has the intention of scamming her followers. She went further to prove her innocence by sharing screenshots of her interaction with the brand when they contacted her for advert.


Unfortunately, her followers ain’t interested in her story as they said she should have verified the authenticity of the brand before advertising for them, some said they didn’t believe she was unaware as she did not allow comments on the post.

See some of the comments left by her angry followers who were scammed by the brand.


In your opinion who should be blamed? Is it Ronke who advertised a scammer unknowingly as claimed or her followers who allowed themselves to be scammed. Let’s know your thought in the comment section.

Personally, i feel this is an eye opener. It is always wise to verify a brand and ensure they are who they say they truly are. Google them, go to their website, read reviews about the brand. Don’t just rush and advertise because of the money because at the end of the day it is you and your brand that will suffer for it. Your followers will find it difficult to trust you and that won’t be good for you.

In this case, see how the followers are now venting at her not even the scammer and this is because they fell easily for the scam because the advert came from the platform of a celebrity whom they trusted. Hence, it’s important to cross your T’s before advertising for a brand.

To you followers, don’t also act as zombies just because a celebrity advertise something doesn’t mean you should not do your homework before parting with your money because at the end of the day you alone will bear your loss.

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