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Yes! We are happy to announce myregistrywedding dating. More than ever before everyone is seeking for true love and a meaningful relationship. Are you searching for your soulmate? A partner who would really connect with you, deeply love you, be faithful to you, emotionally support you, look out for your best interest and enjoy life with you? Then myregistrywedding dating is where to be.


This is a highly confidential dating or matchmaking service so you need not worry about people swiping and seeing your pictures especially if you intend keeping things private. So if you are someone who wants to date but totally concerned about your privacy then this is for you. What we do is more like a matchmaking service. You tell us what you are looking for and then we send the person your way.



You send us a mail at myregistryweddingdating telling us the kind of partner you are looking for, then we connect both of you via email and then you both take it up from there. From now till December 31st 2020 we will connect you to someone for free.

Starting from January 1st 2021 you pay $10 if you are a female to get matched with someone and $20 if you are a Male.

Your payment entitles you to 5 Men connections as a woman and 4 Women connection as a Man each month. If you want to be connected to more people after you exhaust your entitled connections you will pay an extra $5.

We will also post your dating search on our dating category but without your picture except you authorize us to add your picture to the post.

We advice that you request for video chat as soon as possible with your prospective partner to get to know each other better.

****ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR A SOULMATE BUT WANTS IT TO BE DISCREET? Join Myregistrywedding matchmaking service by sending a mail to and get connected to your soulmate.*******

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