5 Mistakes You Should Never Make As A Man In Your Late Forties Or Fifties

As you grow older it is expected that you will make a better and more informed decisions in your life. Your twenties, thirties and forties were time for experiment but as you move into your Fifties you ought to exhibit wisdom in the decisions you take and in your way of life. Let’s take a look at some costly mistakes you should never make in your Fifties as a man.


1.Don’t engage in extra marital affairs. The most stupid thing any man can do is to be having an affairs in your fifties. That is not to say that there is a better time to have affairs and cheat on your wife. Adultery has no place in marriage and it’s totally unacceptable in marriage. What I’m trying to say is that it shows you have no wisdom or you are just totally senseless if you are embarking on the journey of infidelity in your late forties or in your fifties. This is a time in your life that you need all the love and support that your wife can give you, this is a time in your life that you need peace of mind, this is a time you need a drama free life.

This is definitely not the best time in your life to throw away all the years of being together with your wife neither is it the best time to start looking for whom to start all over again with when your wife abandons you for infidelity except you want to end up your life being lonely and useless. Hence, your Fifties are never the time to play around.


2.Not making your family your priority. Any sensible and wise man knows that as you grow older nothing matters most than your family-Your wife and your children. Your Fifties are a time to spend more quality time with your wife and kids building your home. This is not a time for your family to be in disarray. This is the time to build a strong bond with your wife, letting her in on all the affairs of your life. Both of you should be best of friends and spend much time together at this age.

This is a time you should build a happy home and experience peace in your life. This is a time you need care and attention that can prolong your life and so you must avoid at all cost anything that will usurp the happiness of your home or make you not to treasure your wife or not to make her your priority. Remember that if your wife is happy with you and can trust you that is the only way you will get the care, love, attention and peace you need at this age in order to prolong your life.

3.Not taking care of your health. As you grow older your body will never be the same again and the mistake you can make is to take your health for granted. In your Fifties ensure you go for regular checkup, eat healthy foods and also exercise. This is not the best time for you to indulge in alcohol or smoke as this will impact negatively on your health.

4.Making or keeping friends who has no morals or values. There is a saying that show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Your Fifties are not the time to make or keep friends who do not share your values or who are not morally inclined otherwise they will end up turning your life to a disaster. Fifties are not when to take chances with bad friends. Friends who are sleeping with prostitutes and advising you to do the same. Friends who don’t value loyalty ln marriage, friends who are dishonest and insincere. Keeping such friends in your fifties or in your late forties it’s a sure way of ending your life disastrously.

5.Not having a personal relationship with God.as you grow older and get closer to the grave there is nothing that should be more important to you as building a personal relationship with God. In your Fifties you should have realized that everything in life is vanity upon vanity and nothing is more important than a personal relationship with God. This personal relationship helps you to have a deep fear of God and thus reflects in the decisions you make in your life and the way you live your life. If you want to live a more fulfilled life as you age then you need to have God in your life.

This is not by proclaiming it but by manifesting it in your way of life and also by bringing your wife and children into that relationship that you are having with God.

These are the five mistakes you should avoid in your Fifties which can cost you dearly, Let’s also know in your opinion in the comment section about what other things you strongly believe a man in his fifties should avoid. Looking forward to reading your comments.

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