Find Out The Meaning Of These Yoruba Proverbs

The yoruba culture is rich in proverbs and hardly would you see an elderly yoruba person speak without using proverbs to drive home his point. Let’s take a look at some of these proverbs and their meaning.


To oju ba se epin ama nyo fi ran oju: Literal meaning- it means if the eyes brings out mucus,you show it to the eyes. Proverbial meaning- You need to tell someone what they are doing it’s wrong. This can be said when someone close to you is doing something wrong or bad.

Omo ole buru titi ka le fun ekun paje: Literal meaning- A child can’t be so bad that you drive the child to the lions den for slaughter. Proverbial meaning: You can’t drive away your child because of his or her behaviour. This is often said when you have a child with a horrible character but you still show love towards the child through your actions.


Won ja Nile Keji bawo lo se kan e: Literal meaning- they are fighting in the next house how is that your business. Proverbial meaning- mind your damn business. This is often said when someone wants to poke nose into other people’s affair.

Ika mo eni to ma sofun lo wa: Literal meaning- the evil one knows he’s evil but is looking for who would tell him. Proverbial meaning- An evil person or wrong doer surely knows their ways are bad. Often said to someone doing something evil or wrong.

Eye ile o ba onile mu ati je ko di ojo iku ko file lo: Literal meaning- The house bird doesn’t dine and drink with the house owner only to depart the day the house owner dies. Proverbial meaning- I will stand by you regardless of your situation. This is often said by someone who has been with another person during the good times and the person is now going through a difficult time.

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