Checkout This Video As Mercy Johnson’s Real Age Is Revealed By Her Daughter Purity In An Awkward Way


Mercy Johnson who is leaving no stone untouched in sharing every moment from her birthday, shared a funny but awkward video where when asked during the birthday song how old she is, in the usual African woman’s manner did not mention her age little did she know what awaits her.


While she was seen in the video saying she is 12 years old her daughter immediately corrected her by revealing her real age to the world. She said you are 36 years old and she was immediately silenced by her mom mercy. This is indeed so funny.


But come to think of it why do women still hide their age? Why do women feel so uncomfortable revealing their age even if they have acheived so much. This still beats my imagination. If you know why please tell us in the comment section.


This is why if you want to know the truth of what happens in a home, just ask the kid in the house. Kids can really be funny!


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