Kim Kardashian Seeks Justice For George Floyd


Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram page to pen down a heartfelt message seeking justice for George Floyd and other blacks who have lost their lives unjustly due to racism.


According to the message she shared, she said she once felt this was not a fight for her due to the privilege she enjoyed as a result of her skin color but according to her ” Not today, Not anymore” (at least now she has a black husband and kids)

She said just like everyone else she is angry, infuriated and disgusted by this systemic racism against blacks just because of their skin color. See her message below!


Honestly i do not understand for how long more this injustice, racism against the black people would continue! This is beyond disgusting and to think that in this 21st century and with all the innovations and civilization someone in their right sense would think they are better than anyone because of their skin colour beats my imagination.

All this protest and talks in my opinion wouldn’t change anything except it starts from the system itself. Except a law is passed and enforced which protects the black people until then this will be just another case in many more to come. It is more than heartbreaking that a country such as America which other countries look up to will allow her citizens to be treated as mere animals just because of their skin colour. The only offense the blacks committed is their skin color, it’s so horrible to say the least.

I truly hope that George Floyd gets justice and this is not swept under the carpet like other similar case. His life was squeezed out of him for no just cause, this is wickedness at its height and justice must be served!

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