Unbelievable! See How Many Views Kelly Rowland’s New Single COFFEE Has Gotten So Far On YouTube


Is no news that Kelly Rowland’s new single COFFEE is on YouTube however, how well has it done so far on youtube? The truth is that viewership on a music video says quite a lot about both the visual and the song and most time a lower viewership means people dont really fancy the song and a high viewership means people love the song. How fast the viewership is amassed also matters, in other words the viewsership of a video is a way of rating the song whether it is loved by fans or not. So long story short how has Kelly Rowland single COFFEE done so far on Youtube?

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Well, the video has done very well on Youtube and surprisingly has already amassed one millions views within a short while which indicates the song is loved by her fans. Excited Kelly took to her page to thanks her fans for their support, see what she wrote below.

Truth be told both the visuals and the song are good, that was indeed a nice one from Kelly.

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