Checkout The Bathroom Selfie of The Kardashian Sisters


Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram page to share a picture which she took with her sisters in the bathroom. Even though she neve rf mentioned if it was recently taken since everyone is trying to stay safe during this time by self isolating which she has confirmed in her previous post she is doing,hence this her picture with her sisters is a bit surprising. Perhaps it might be an old picture. Some of her fans was also concerned about the sisters coming together during a time when social distancing is highly encouraged.

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She tagged the picture sister edition. Most interestingly is the fact that the picture was taken in no other place than the Bathroom. The picture looked good even though kendall wasn’t in the pics.

Pls let’s stay safe by staying at home and also doing social distancing,this might be difficult but it is the best. Let’s all do our best in stopping the spread of the virus.

6 Replies to “Checkout The Bathroom Selfie of The Kardashian Sisters

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  2. No matter when the picture was taken, I dont think this is the best time to be sharing such group pictures otherwise it would water down the importance of social distancing at this time. She should know better than doing this.

  3. I think she has fans that picks on everything she does.i wonder why they are still following her if they have to complain all the time on her post. Well, kim seems not to care.

  4. I like that fan that commented she should do social distancing but I guess she hardly see or even look through her thousands of comments. Pls she should take the social distancing seriously as this is not a trivial issue.

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