Reasons You Should Shun Racism


According to the Oxford dictionary racism is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”

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Racism is destroying the world: People feeling they are better than others because of their color must stop as this causes conflict and brings division. Remember you never belonged to any race by choice, hence quit the supremacy idea.

Racism leads to discrimination: many people who can excel in certain areas have been denied opportunities based on their race and not on their performance which results in waste of talents and knowledge all because of racism.

For instance, in America a black person needs to put in twice the effort of its white counterpart to be accepted in certain walks of life. This has got to stop. Ones color doesn’t make a person more intelligent or less intelligent neither does it determine the character of an individual.

Racism leads to lack of tolerance: Yes racist find it difficult to accept the differences in other people of different race just because a racist believes his own race is superior and the best hence he is not open to accepting the ways of another race which leads to friction and hatred.

The world can be a better place if every one learn to accommodate and tolerate each other. Learn to accommodate people of other race and know that each individual is a unique being.

Without racism there will be unity,love and diversity. Racism only brings about discrimination, prejudice,conflict, division and in extreme case war. Shun racism in all its form as no one race is superior to another.

Moreover, no one chose their race not even you the racist,so why feel superior over something you didn’t earn nor have a choice over.

Furthermore, parents also have an Important role to play here by teaching their kids the importance of showing love to everyone regardless of whether they are of the same race or not. Shun Racism and let love prevail!


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