Importance of Loving Yourself

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Self love is very Important in this aggressive and challenging world. Most times people tend to care for others than they care for themselves and this affects them later in life.


Before you start giving out love and care to others you need to give it first to yourself. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have so you need to have a lot of love for yourself before you can give out to others.


When you don’t take care of yourself and you expend all your energy and time on others and physically drain yourself it will affect you later. That is why some people outwardly are so loving and caring and looks happy yet they are going through critical depression or mental issues because they are not showing themselves some self love.


Most times people demand for your love and care without giving same back to you,hence the onus falls on you to give that love and care you give to others to yourself before you are completely drained of it.

Pamper yourself, give yourself a treat! What is it that makes you happy? go ahead and indulge yourself without any guilt feelings as you deserve all of it. There is nothing wrong in locking up yourself in your room away from others just to have a me moment and spend quality time with yourself. Who says you can’t spend time with yourself and keep yourself company.

A moment with yourself its always Important as it gives you time to reflect on your life,make necessary changes to yourself and be a better you.

The truth is no one can love you more than you love yourself, if you are expecting love from others to make you feel better you will only be disappointed. You need to love yourself and not expect that love from someone else otherwise you’ll find yourself in toxic relationships because you are looking for someone to love you.

Loving yourself helps you love others better. Even the bible says love your neighbor as yourself,so if you don’t love yourself there is no way you can love your neighbour. That is why most people that are so troublesome and don’t love people around them it is because they lack love for themselves, they are not truly happy with themselves so how do you expect them to give what they don’t have.

Life is short! Enjoy each moment,pamper and cherish yourself. You deserve to love yourself. You deserve to be happy. Let no one tell you otherwise. You can only love others better when you love yourself first.

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