Whose Duty Is It To Train A Child

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The creator says in the holy book train a child in the way he should go, and when he grows old he will not depart from it. The question now whose duty is it to train the child? Is it the mother’s duty or the father’s duty?


To conceive a child requires the input of both the father and the mother. Hence, if it takes the effort of both of them to conceive likewise the training of a child is the responsibility of both the father and mother.


It is not the sole responsibility of just one of the parents, the input of both parents is required in the training of a child.


When it comes to training a child it is a partnership between the father and the mother. Both parents has to be responsible for the training of the child.

It is wrong to leave the children for the woman and believe it is her duty to train the child or as a woman you leave the child for your husband to train or discipline, that is wrong. Both of you should train and discipline your child and support each other in areas where one is weak.

You and your partner should know each other weak area when it comes to training the child and makeup for the other persons weakness if that’s your strength. For instance most women find it difficult to discipline the child, also most times the child fear his father more than the mother. In such situation when the child requires firm discipline the father can take up that aspect. When training is required in areas such as morals, manners, chores if the woman can train the child better in those aspects then the woman should handle it.

Basically, you and your partner should know aspect of the training where you can handle properly and take it up.

Most importantly both parents should always be in agreement when training a child. Even if one of the parents disagree with the extent of the discipline or manner of training you can talk about later when you both are alone but not in the presence of the child when he is being disciplined otherwise the child will take advantage of such situation to disrespect the parent giving that discipline and training that will impact negatively on the child and on the family as a whole.

Parenting is a partnership between the father and the mother and the mother and shouldn’t be left for just one of the parents. Remember also that parenting is a learning process, so you and your partner will keep on learning from yourselves on how to better train and discipline your child.

Join hands together with your partner and train your child so that when he grows up he will not depart from it and you both can have peace of mind.


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