Is It A Yes Or No For This Priyanka Chopra Outfit To The Grammy Awards


Probably you may have already seen the outfit or have heard about her outfit to the grammy awards which has caused quite a controversy with some supporting the outfit and others outrightly condemning it. Incase you haven’t seen the outfit we present it to you below

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What do you think of the outfit? does it suit her? Or do you think it looked great on her. According to one designer the opening in the front is like going from LA to Cuba which means the opening is just too long all the way down to her tummy. Do you agree the opening in the front is too long?

The designer also went further to say that there is an age for every dress and only flaunt it when you’ve got it. Do you agree with the statement? Do you think this outfit was not for priyanka’s age and moreso she’s got nothing to flaunt?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.


4 Replies to “Is It A Yes Or No For This Priyanka Chopra Outfit To The Grammy Awards

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  2. I feel disappointed especially knowing she is from an indian background. For me it doesn’t fit her. The exposure is too much, she really doesn’t need this. She is beautiful already. This is what happens when you try to copy someone else’s lifestyle, most time it will just be a disaster.

    1. You are so right, i wonder why people forget their culture all in the name of being a celebrity. Perhaps her management team encouraged her to wear this because i haven’t really seen her wearing such clothe.

  3. Since she is comfortable in the dress, i don’t know why people are complaining. I don’t like the dress either but does that matter if the person wearing it is proud of what she is wearing. I believe she will do better than this next time.

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