5 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful


Success in itself is subjective because what might be success to you may not be success to someone else but the fact remains that everyone desires to be successful. Sometimes the things you do may make or mar your success. Most people who are successful today didn’t become successful by chance, they did the rights things which lead to their success. If you are wondering why it seems everyone is successful except you, perharps you are doing the 5 things below and you need to change.


1.Following The Crowd: Yes! If you want to follow the crowd you might not be successful. For instance, everyone is a blogger and as such you also dive into blogging without having a passion for it or have a writing skill. You believe since everyone is doing it why can’t you do it too. Hence, when you dive into what others are doing because so many people are doing without having the right skills to set you apart you are setting yourself up for failure.


2.Social Media Influence: social media today is influencing what people do and how they live their life. Most of this influence most times are negative and the truth be told most of those lifestyles are fake. For instance, most people will flash their glamorous lifestyle on social media and tell you the source is either from being an influencer, actor, musician, celebrity and what not and based on their flashy lifestyle you think to yourself why not become an influencer, a musician or whatever it is without even ascertaining if what they display to you is truth or being knowledgeable about what is required of that career. It is after you dive into it then you start to realize you’ve be fooled.


I remembered when everyone wanted to be a blogger because of a certain blogger who claims to be a billionare and acquired a home worth hundreds of million and claimed the source was from blogging. Lo and behold everyone wanted to become a billionare by blogging. Really? Most of them today are no longer blogging because first they had no passion for it, secondly they couldn’t even make thousands not to talk of millions and then billions.

How on earth can you believe that claim of making billions from blogging even if you are a fool? Millions perharps but not several hundreds of it either, neither is it that easy. If you must be successful do not dive into a career or business based on what you see on social media especially if you can not ascertain or verify its authenticity.

3.Lack Of Knowledge : When you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the business or career you want to go into, i tell you, you are setting yourself up for failure. For instance, you want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg , you want to build your own social media platform and yet you have no technical knowledge, great team or finance how do you expect to be successful in it. Or you want to become Jeff Bezos and you want to set up a marketplace like Amazon but yet you have no knowledge whatsoever of what it takes to run a marketplace, my dear you are setting yourself up for failure.

4.Lack of Consistency: This is very important. If you must succeed you need to be consistent with whatever you are doing. Its just like weight loss, if you must shed of the weight you can’t afford to workout whenever you feel like, you have to be consistent to achieve your weight loss goals. Hence, you need to keep at it for you to be successful. When you ain’t consistent people won’t take you serious. Most times it takes up to 5 years for a business to stabilize so you need to be consistent within those years to put your name out there. Check the successful people you know, haven’t they been consistent?

5.Lack of Perseverance: Lack of Perseverance may be the reason why you are stilled stalked where you are. There is a saying ” there is no gain without pain” so if you want to be successful you must persevere in whatever you are doing. Yes, you might get frustrated, it might seems nothing is working, just persevere, your time will come but if you quit how then can you become successful.


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  1. The writer is so right, i experienced it personally when i was not consistent with my business. Business was so slow and i lost the will power to give it my all. I open my store when i feel like it and i lost so much customers.when i decided to be more serious and consistent, it really improved. So i agree consistent its necessary.

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