How To Bond With Your Spouse At Bed time


The way you spend your time with your spouse at bedtime can make a lot of difference in your relationship.


The reality of life is that most couples work 9-5 which hardly leaves them with little or no time to spend together and this can impact negatively on the relationship. That is why it is important that you and your spouse use your bedtime to makeup for the time loss and put it to a good use.

What do you and your spouse do at bedtime? Do you just get into bed give each other a good night kiss and then sleep? Or do you pray and then sleep? Or do you both turn to your gadgets using your phone and laptops trying to catch up with what is happening, checking social media and news channels after which you sleep?

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If you and your spouse belong to any of these groups then your bedtime routine quickly has to change! You need to breakup from those routines as they add no value to your relationship.

Instead use your bedtime to discuss about how your day has been, talk about the high and low moments of your day and support each other with soothing and supportive words.

If there is a goal both of you is working towards achieving, talk about it and find out how you can support each other to acheive your goal. Having a meaningful and sincere communication at bedtime helps you bond better and improves the quality of your relationship.

Furthermore, you can incorporate a game at your bedtime to spice up things. I always advice couples to use THE GAME OF LOVE, it is an interesting board game for couples which forever changes how couples spend their night time.

It’s a game on a bedsheet where you fill in the blank spaces and you both complete the activities together. This kind of game makes bedtime fun for you and your spouse especially after a hard days work. You can add different fun activities which suits your relationship and as you both participate in the game it helps you bond like Never before.

Finally, don’t just go to sleep without involving in activities that bonds you together. Ensure you have a meaningful discussion at bedtime, get to know what is going on in each other’s life and also settle any quarrel that might have happened between you both that day. Incorporate fun activities and make your bedtime as lively as possible.

Remember, the more you bond the better and healthier your relationship will be. What you can’t acheive for your relationship at daytime because of lack of time, ensure you acheive for your relationship at bedtime.

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