How To Build Confidence In Your Child

It is your duty as a parent to help your child thrive well and be confident. It is unarguable that kids today goes through a lot of hard time, from being bullied at school to the pressure of performing well academically all these requires confidence not only to be able to survive but to triumph!


Some kids today are turning to suicide because of their low self esteem, that is why parents must assist to boost/improve a child’s confidence. How do you build confidence in your child?

First, its by constant reminder to your child of your love. Always make out time for your child regardless of how busy you may be, spend quality time together. Your child needs to feel loved so give him plenty of it. Let him not know that you love him rather let him feel it through your action towards him. When you constantly scream, yell or ignore him especially in public his self confidence begins to decline. Even when you are stressed out and can make yourself available hug him and politely let him know. When your child knows you truly care and love him, it helps boost his self confidence.


Secondly, Appreciate your child’s effort. If you constantly put your child down and use abusive language you affect your chikd self esteem. As a parents your child looks up to you for your approval and when he doesn’t get it , it affects his confidence.

Praise your child to his hearing not at his back when he does something right, even if he did not do it well appreciate his effort and encourage him. Let him know you believe in him that he can get it right. Doing this will help improve his confidence.

Thirdly, teach him the importance of perseverance and resilience. Let him know that failure is part of success and when he fails at something rather than feeling defeated and giving up, he should learn his mistakes and give it a try again. Let him know that failure is just a pathway to success and as such he should nevet give up until he is able to accomplish his desire. Let him understand that he should never allow failure affect his self worth.

Finally,  He should be versatile. He should never allow the fear of failure hold him back from trying new things. He should explore different things and find his strength and build on it so he can succeed.

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5 Replies to “How To Build Confidence In Your Child

  1. Not only kids needs to be confident likewise adult. If a parent isn’t confident there is no way they can teach their child to be confidence. You cant give what you dont have. So it must start with the parents.

  2. I have seen parents who yelled at their kids in public this isnt good. Yes you can correct your child in public but there is a way to go about it. When you yell at them in public you punch their self esteem and gradually their self esteem starts to deflate still it becomes flat.

  3. Life is tough, confidence is needed for survival in this agressive world. It is up to parents to prepare their child for what lies ahead.

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